This reaction is carried out in glacial (anhydrous) acetic acid as the solvent. The acetic acid reacts with 2, 6-dimethylaniline to develop an equilibrium between it and its acetate salt.

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What is the purpose of developing an equilibrium in between 2,6-dimethylaniline and also its salt here?

EDIT:This is the source of the quoted message & the procedure to synthedimension lidocaine :


I think acetic acid is offered bereason it enables you to play funny games with the varying solubility of reactants, commodities, and byproducts. Keep in mind that the last product is not soluble in acetic acid/water mixture, however the reactants and salt byproducts are. This means that instead of percreating an extract in a separatory funnel (additional step, plus you"ll must evaporate solvent and also purify), you deserve to simply filter the solid product straight from the rest of liquid.

This is the kind of simplifying "magic" you deserve to gain when the process chemists gain a stab at creating how to run the reactivity.


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