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Vertebrates are a _________ of the phylum Chorinformation.

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List four chracteristics widespread to all chordates.1) notochord 2) dorsal hollow nerve cord 3) pharyngeal pouches 4) post-anal tail
Define: Notochord"is a stiff rod of tworry along the ago of the body. In vertebrates, the backbone is deposited roughly the notochord and nerve cord"
Define: Pharyngeal Pounches"Paired embryonic frameworks created that bring about the ultimate development of "gills""
List 3 attributes that distinguish vetebprices from various other chordays.1) have vertebrae 2) have cranium 3) have endoskeleton
Jaws are thmust have actually developed from _________."gill arch"
_______ are the most plenty of and also wide spcheck out of all the vertebrates"Fishes"
Are freshwate fish "hypertonic" or "hypotonic" to their environment?"hypotonic"
Are saltwater fish "hypertonic" or "hypotonic" to their enviroment?"hypertonic"
Do Jawmuch less Fish have actually scales?"No"
Jawmuch less Fish have actually skeleton that is created of _______?"cartilage"
Are Jawless Fish"s notochord kept throughout their life?"Yes"
What carry out the Chondrichthyes and also Jawless Fish have actually in common?"they both do not have real bones"
How carry out the Chondrichthyes and Jawmuch less Fish differ?"Chondrichthyes have actually "jaws""
What type of scales do sharks have?"placoid"
The torpedo shaped body of a shark is dubbed a _______ body form."fusifrom"
The mouth of a typical shark has _______ to _______rows of teeth."6 to 20"
How have the right to you tell rays from skates?"Rays have actually "diamonded shaped bodies" and also Skates have "flattened shaped" bodies"
What are the "spiracles" and why execute rays require them?"Spiracles are 2 big opening on the head and also rays require them to let in water"
De sharks have actually internal or external fertilization?"internal"
Do Sharks lay eggs?"No"
Of all the well-known species of fish, around _______% are bony fish."95%"
Do all bony fish have a swim bladder?"No"
List and also define the two major kinds of bony fish.They are: 1) Lobe-finned Fish - a group of bony fishes through paired rounded fins; 2) Ray-finned Fish - no constant fins; have a central bony axis; fins are sustained by long segments of versatile bony rays.
Do any kind of of the bony fish have actually lungs?"Yes"
A _______ fish is thneed to be the ancestor to amphibians."a Lobe-finned Fish"
What do you speak to the spanning that protects the gills of fish?"operculum"
Give the attribute of each of the following: 1) Caudal; 2) Ddental and Anal; 3) Pectdental and Polvis1) Caudal - speed; 2) Dorsal and Anal - store balance; 3) Pectdental and Pelvic - Navigation fins
What is the function of the "circulatory system"?"To provide oxygen and nutrients to the body and lug ameans wastes from the cells"
What perform you contact the vessels that bring blood ameans from the heart?"Arteries"
What do you speak to vessels that bring blood to the heart?"Veins"
The two(2) main chambers of the fish heart are _______ and also _______.

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"Atrium"; "Ventrical"
Describe what is meant by "countercurrent" in a fish."It causes even more oxygen to enter the blood than would be possible; this enhances the difussion of oxygen into the fish bereason the blood and water circulation in opposite directions"
Describe the swim bladder and also state its purpose?"The "swim bladder" is an inner gas-filled body organ that contributes to the ability of a fish to regulate its buoyancy, and also for this reason to stay at the existing water depth without having actually to waste power in swimming."
Do fish have actually sperate sexes?"Yes"
Do all bony fish have actually exterior fertilization?"No"
Why is laying a big variety of eggs and also adaption of some fish?"Inorder for their specie to endure, because their young were simple prey for predators who consumed a high portion of their young, the adaption to "eggs", which could be in -produced in bigger numbers than the young nutured internally, tright here would certainly be a greater possibility for enough of the young to survice, flourish right into adulthood, and also reproduce; therefore, providing for the survival of their specie."
Do all fish lay eggs?"No"
Define: Milt""Milt" is sperm"
Define: Roe""Roe" are fish eggs"
Describe and also list examples: Myxini"they are elongated fish; eel-like; absence jaws: Example: Hagfish"
Describe and also list examples: Cephalaspidomorphi"they lack jaws; they retain their "notocord" throughout their life: Example: Lampreys"
Describe and also list examples: Chondrichthyes"they have actually jaws and also paired fins; their skeleton is made of cartriage; Examples: Sharks; Rays; Stingrays; Sawfish"
Describe and also list examples: Actinopterygii"they have skeleton made of bone; have jaws; have actually fins: Example: Sturgeons "
Describe and list examples: Sarcopterygii"They have actually fins sustained by primary axis bone; of fleshy-finned or lobe-finned fishes: Example: Lungfish"
Describe and also list examples: Amphibians"they are "tin skinned"; have actually a mostly-bone skeleton; no scales; have "gills"; deserve to breathe in and out of the water; a lot of lay eggs; are 4,800 different species: Examples: Salemanders; Frogs; Toads"
Describe and list examples: Reptilians"they are identified by breapoint air, a "cold-blooded" (poikilothermic) metabolism, laying tough-shelled amniotic eggs (or retaining the same membrane mechanism in species with live birth), and skin via scales or scutes: Examples: Crocodiles; Snakes; Lizards"
Describe and list examples: Aves"these are "birds"; they have "hallow bone"; have "feathers"; they are "warmth blooded"; lay eggs: Examples: Eagles; Pigeons; Blue Jays"
Describe and list examples: Mammalia"they are heat blooded; they are air-breapoint pets whose females are characterized by the possession of "mammary glands" while both males and females are defined by sweat glands, hair and/or hair, three middle ear bones offered in hearing, and also a neocortex area in the brain; interior fertization; interior geterminal and birth: Examples: Humans; Dogs; Horses"
How carry out Hagfish differ from Lampreys?"the Lamprey has no separate sexes and is well-known as "hermaphrodite" - the Hagfish has actually sepeprice sexes"
What are villi, wright here are they situated and what is their "purpose"?"What: they are tiny sac-prefer structures; Where: intestines; Purpose: the absorbtion of food and nutrients right into the blood stream"
Define: Ovovipariouses"reabundant approach in which the embryos are nourished by a "yolk sac" through in the mother"
Define: Oviparous"reproductive strategy that requires laying eggs"
One of 2 of the widespread kinds of "scales" uncovered in boney fish?"ctenoids"
What is anterior to the gill arch and also remove particles from the water as it passes of the gills?"filaments"
What connects the pharynx to the stomach?"esophagus"
One of two types of "paired fins" found in fish?"Pelvic Fin"
What is the appropriate term for the inner skeleton?"endoskeleton"
What is the term for the inner ear of fish and also sharks?"labyrinth"
What is a "diamond fish" of the Chondrichthyes?"Rays"
What is the modified fin on male sharks used to move sperm?"Clasper"
What is a subphylum of Tunicates (Sea Squits)?"Urochordata"
What is in the eye of fish that is provided for"night vision"?"Rods"
What are the vessels that transfer materials to and from the blood stream?"capillaries"
What is the process dubbed wbelow oxygen is taken into the body and is combusted to create energy?"respiraton"