Why Do Parrots Bob Their Head Up and also Dvery own (+Sideways)Why Do Parrots Bob Their Head Up and also Down (+Sideways)

I haven"t had an suffer through all parrot species, but the ones I have actually, consisting of Quakers, Conures, Cockatiels, and Cockatoos, all bob their heads up and also dvery own, especially as soon as someone comes into their room.

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It"s pretty exciting and also cute, and also although many type of bird owners are not bothered or also curious why these birds carry out this head movement...

...some like me are.

Here is what I"ve discovered out about parrots" head activity for this reason much.

Many people think head bobbing is a parrots" method of laughing, however no, this isn"t constantly the situation. They might additionally be doing so to acquire your attention or show discontent: Parrot Website.

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Parrots deserve to bob their head for several differing reasons, but for the the majority of component, it"s to expush positive emotions: happy, friendly, and also excited.

The only difficulty is many type of parrots expush aggression and also excitement in an extremely comparable fashion. So, what you may consider positive emotional actions (consisting of the bubblehead