Have you ever obtained a direct to garment printed T-shirt that looks choose it has actually burn marks and also smells like vinegar?

Do not problem bereason this is the process of straight to garment printing.

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If your shirt smells favor vinegar it many most likely was printed making use of a Kornit straight to garment printer. Kornit printers usage a water-based ink that it’s eco-friendly and also is safe for youth and also adults.

The vinegar mixture is offered as a pre-treat which is sprayed down by the printer that permits the ink to float over the shirt towel. If you didn’t use a vinegar pretreat when we spray down the colored ink it would certainly sink into the cloth of the T-shirt and also look favor a vintage print through muted colors. The vinegar pretreat is 100% water-based eco-friendly and will wash out in the washing machine on your initially wash so don’t worry around the smell.

Remember you’re helping to save the atmosphere from toxic chemicals by making use of the vinegar pre-treat unprefer typical display screen print that supplies carcinogen producing inks.

The burn marks are not burn marks, they are actually pre-treat marks. The marks are a reactivity when the pre-treat hits the color of the T-shirt fabric. Typically the pretreat marks will not display up on your typical colors such as a black, gray, white, and navy T-shirts. The the majority of problematic T-shirt colors that will develop the pre-treat strangers are gold, red and light blue. Believe it or not that the country of origin also determines if the shirt will gain pre-treat stains or not. Every T-shirt manufacturing facility roughly the people uses a various chemical combicountry of the inks which may vary and reason the pre-treat marks. It is possible to have actually a red T-shirt that was developed in Honduras and also an additional red T-shirt that was developed in Guatemala. The Honduras T-shirt will print without a pre-treat stains and the Guatemala will certainly have actually pretreat stains. Remember don’t problem around the pretreat stains they all wash out in the wash.

Direct to garment printing is a brand-new technology and advancing monthly so inevitably the pre-treat stains and also the vinegar smell will certainly disshow up as innovation advancements.

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I hope this answers some of your comes to around pre-treat stains in the vinegar smell coming off the Kornit straight to garment printers.

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