The Ballad of Badbeard was the twenty-fourth episode of Seachild One of Phineas and also Ferb. It premiered on April 12th 2008 on Disney Channel US.

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Ranking: In the r/phineasandferb Rate That Episode series it came 202nd, with a score of 7.0/10 | Initial rating thread

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Why execute my nostrils whisper to me?

This episode has a pretty bland P/F plot, but the Candace/Perry/Doof plot is pretty entertaining. Talking Zebra and also what not.

Doofenshmirtz: Now, Perry the Platypus, why don't you say hello to my brand-new pet crocodiles? Susan and Susan. I named them after each other. Now, prepare to be delicious!

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I assumed this one was pretty great. I preferred the entirety "treacertain hunt adventure" thing they had actually going on with this, and although it's been done a thousand times it's still somehow distinctive. It additionally had actually one of my favorite lines of the season as highlighted in my old testimonial.

I perform feel sorta sorry for Candace and also Doofenshmirtz below, they really didn't do anything wrong but somehow took the brief end of the stick. Candace's hallucicountries are so trippy. At leastern she appeared to gain many of it though, I guess.

I need to renote that this is the first time we view various other pet agents in the company directly collaboprice through each various other, which I thought was pretty neat.

Track was meh. Not horrible but tright here were much better adendeavor songs.


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*platypus noise*

Another reasonably excellent episode. In comparison to the last one, this one had a much better B-plot compared to the A-plot. It's exciting that Candace was part of the B-plot this time, and also it was completed via not-so-subtle drug recommendations that nonetheless entirely reviewed my head as a child. Sassist drug pilgrimage also introduces an periodically recurring character, the (supposedly interdimensional, judging from the movie) zebra that calls Candace 'Kevin'.

The song was okay, I suppose? Don't hate it, and it's catchy enough.

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"Why do my nostrils whisper to me?" Technically component of the song, yet it's not really a song line, it's simply put into it.

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