I rewatched the three more recent movies and noticed that whenever a Jedi was eliminated, or let go of their lightsaber, it instantly turned off. What was curious was that the lightsaber turns off right amethod, as soon as a Jedi is killed, even before it leaves their hand also (if it does fall out). I can understand if the button demands to be hosted for it to remain on, but once a Jedi is swarm and also is still holding the lightsaber why would it revolve off?



Most lightsabers have actually a built-in deadguy switch. It would just be irresponsible for a Jedi to construct such a dangerous weapon without one. Basically, if the take care of is not being hosted (has actually press on it) the weapon deactivates. This avoids a lightsaber from flying away from the disequipped Jedi and scypoint through his allies (or slashing the viewport of the area station, etc).

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When a lightsaber is thrvery own, the Jedi uses the force to guide it and additionally keep the switch from closing, deactivating the blade.

Oddly, there"s no point out of this in the EU, however it"s presence can be clearly checked out in the series, as you detailed.


I was fairly certain that lightsabers operated with/powered via the force? So as soon as a jedi dies, they obviously aren"t able to put pressure power right into the saber. It defines why droids and the choose can"t usage them, as well. It likewise explains exactly how they deserve to be thrvery own (although I do not think they throw an activated saber in IV, V, or VI)


Tright here might be a feasible force-connect in between user and weapon/tool. The lightsaber crystal only mirrors to that certain Jedi, so, as soon as a Jedi is ousted in combat, possibly that bond is broken.


I think tright here is some kind of bond through the lightsaber crystal,Jedi,and force so once the Jedi dies the Jedi disappears from the bond so the pressure can"t power the lightsaber and also it shuts off or in a among the movies where earth Vader battles obi won you have the right to see a wire so probably the wire bends a small and also the lightsaber turns off.

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The Expanded Universe has actually a few instances wright here the Jedi specifically locks the lightsaber right into the on position and also then proceeds to perform something else.

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