This is probably among the single most widespread inquiries human being ask around Hinduism. When I was a boy I just believed it was super cool but as I got older I wondered the same thing.

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There is no one definitive answer, but tright here are some schools of thought on as to why do Hindu gods have actually so many arms.


Image worship is a huge component of Hindu society. In primitive bibles, deities and also gods are defined in good visual detail.

So when building excellent temples and areas of worship, sculptors and developers came up against this issue wright here divine beings were unified, or were defined as having actually multiple qualities. So to attend to this worry, prehistoric temples were built reflecting divine beings through multiple arms.

This was mostly accepted and also came to be the normal practice in virtually all Hindu imagery.

The explacountry of why Hindu gods have actually multiple arms can actually be that basic, yet I execute prefer to think it is even more complex than that and goes a bit deeper as well.

You have the right to imagine that given the devoutness of a lot of Hindus, particularly in prehistoric times, having a picture of gods which made them look even more powerful than people was vital as well.

Having multiple arms or also multiple heads to display their divinity and supreme power over our human being was an iconic method of distinguishing from mere mortals and also humans.

If you dig a tiny little bit deeper too, you will watch that each arm is tright here to represent somepoint (these gestures are referred to as mudras).

For example, a forward facing palm via fingers up is a blessing, and forward dealing with palm through fingers dvery own is charity.

Wright here gods are depicted holding weapons or various other objects, tright here is usually a symbolic meaning to that too.

For instance, the goddess Durga is generally shown through 10 arms. The story of her origin is that 10 deities linked their power to produce her and also each provided her a weapon. As such she is illustrated through 10 arms, one to symbolise each deity that provided her power.

So the explanation of why perform Hindu gods have so many arms is actually pretty straightforward and simple.

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