**First I"d prefer to clarify, I suppose thick, not fat** I"m starting to hear it in songs a lot where the man says he likes a thin waist via hips and thick thighs. I"ve heard guy friends say it also that they do not choose bit thighs on a girl. I always believed they did! My organic body form is little on height, bigger on bottom. I have tiny arms, stomach waist, and so on. (Although I have actually C boobs). But on the bottom, I absolutely have actually significant hips and also thighs, yet then my calves are little aacquire. I"ve operated out since puberty trying to make my thighs smaller sized and also I"m realizing this is simply the means they are. Toned but thick lol Is it true though, that men really prefer girls with thick thighs? Or execute they not?

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Most certainly you deserve to be assured that 90% of males choose thick thighs. You check out its a trfinish below, men prefer all the things physically in a girl that guys don't have actually, and also vice versa. Big breasts came first, than massive butts, and now males are lastly coming out that they love thick thighs. And you're best, not fat thighs, yet thick thighs... also, not super muscular thighs either (Ifavor body builder ladies have), I'm certain many type of males would certainly agree through me that those are unattractive. I was riding a aircraft now, and also, being bored, I seen some of the girls legs sitting close to me (since I'm a major leg fan), two of them were boderline normal/thick, and I assumed of them as extremely hot! But this various other girl in front and also to the appropriate of me, ideal in my check out wearing this brief skirt, had these "stick legs", literally, its like the sort of legs you view in images of anorexic people, I didn't provide her a second glance via the whole flight also though she was ideal tright here ordinary as day. And yet the girl sitting beside me, about average weight, perhaps a tiny thick in a couple of area, she wore pants and also was reading some book around weight management. To be hoswarm, I think these thicker girls should be ones wearing the shorts and also skirts and also being proud of their legs and also these anorexic-looking underweight stick-leg girls need to be reading the weight managment books (to obtain some!) and also put some pants on. Just my humble opinion of course, girls deserve to execute whatever they desire to be happy.

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I just think what society states in terms of what is attrenergetic and also unattrenergetic is means off base, and also I'm surprised that in this enlightened age girls of average or thick proportions are on a never before finishing mission to look prefer the girl via the stick legs...