**First I"d like to clarify, I mean thick, not fat** I"m starting to hear it in songs a lot where the guy says he likes a thin waist with hips and thick thighs. I"ve heard guy friends say it too that they don"t like little thighs on a girl. I always thought they did! My natural body shape is small on top, bigger on bottom. I have tiny arms, stomach waist, etc. (Although I have C boobs). But on the bottom, I definitely have big hips and thighs, but then my calves are small again. I"ve worked out since puberty trying to make my thighs smaller and I"m realizing this is just the way they are. Toned but thick lol Is it true though, that guys really like girls with thick thighs? Or do they not?

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Most definitely you can be assured that 90% of guys like thick thighs. You see its a trend here, guys like all the things physically in a girl that guys don't have, and vice versa. Big breasts came first, than big butts, and now guys are finally coming out that they love thick thighs. And you're right, not fat thighs, but thick thighs... also, not super muscular thighs either (Ilike body builder ladies have), I'm sure many guys would agree with me that those are unattractive. I was riding a plane today, and, being bored, I checked out some of the girls legs sitting near me (since I'm a major leg fan), two of them were boderline normal/thick, and I thought of them as very hot! But this other girl in front and to the right of me, right in my view wearing this short skirt, had these "stick legs", literally, its like the kind of legs you see in pictures of anorexic people, I didn't give her a second glance through the entire flight even though she was right there plain as day. And yet the girl sitting next to me, about average weight, maybe a little thick in a few area, she wore pants and was reading some book about weight management. To be honest, I think these thicker girls need to be ones wearing the shorts and skirts and being proud of their legs and these anorexic-looking underweight stick-leg girls should be reading the weight managment books (to gain some!) and put some pants on. Just my humble opinion of course, girls can do whatever they want to be happy.

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I just think what society says in terms of what is attractive and unattractive is way off base, and I'm surprised that in this enlightened age girls of average or thick proportions are on a never ending mission to look like the girl with the stick legs...