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“ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED that someone would reduced their standards to such a repulsively low bar.”


2. The truth that they think they deserve to make a lover out of this Sasquatch is adorable.

“Completely flattered. Gay males have actually ridiculously high criteria and the truth that they think they have the right to make a lover out of this Sasquatch is adorable.”



3. I feel prefer a hot item of ass.

“Honestly flattered, feel like a warm piece of ass. It’s not a huge deal, simply let them understand you don’t swing that means and also respect them for the confidence it took to technique you.”


4. Same way I do as soon as women hit on me.

“Same means I execute once womales hit on me. Totally oblivious.”


5. Not a trouble until you fulfill among those ‘you’re only directly because you haven’t tried it’ kinds.

“Not a difficulty till you fulfill one of those ‘you’re just directly bereason you haven’t tried it’ types. If that’s you please take a course around sexual harassment because you are a shit perboy.”


6. I flirt back a little, to be hocolony.

“I flirt ago a little, to be hoswarm. I guess I feel negative that I could be leading someone on. But flirting is fun and this method it’s pretty low press for me because I never before have to concern about them seeing my penis. Plus it feels nice to actually be sought.

I take it earlier, considering the variety of girls who’ve led me on, it feels great to perform it to someone else.”


7. You don’t have to go to the party, but it’s nice to be invited.

“My mom constantly told me, ‘you don’t need to go to the party, yet it’s nice to be invited.’ It’s stuck with me and also taught me about acceptance.”


8. I’m far too sluggish to pick up hints.

“With the exact same full lack of awareness as as soon as a male flirts through me. Basically, unmuch less someone level out asks me ‘hey, wanna date?’ I’m much also sluggish to pick up hints.

But if they execute ask and I obtain it: ‘um, thanks…that’s really nice however I’m straight. Sorry.’ Always flattering and I don’t mind sitting and chatting thereafter.”


9. He proceeded to go back to my restaurant eextremely week for the following 3 months to ask if I were ready yet.

“Awkwardly (this applied to both sexes btw). One example; I was a server at what is fondly described as the ‘GayHop’ which is an IHOP located nearby to the Boys Tvery own area of Chicearlier. As the only right male that offered the night change (9pm-7am) this taken place a lot. Another server suggested anytime a male asks to exreadjust numbers to demand also it be composed on a $100 bill. The one and also only time I tried this the male had actually a hundred in my face within 0.05 seconds of the proposition. His own demand also was ‘If I offer you this, I much better fucking get some.’ Tried to earlier out of the case by explaining I was right, in a connection, and also the whole point was a negative joke. He proceeded to return to my restaurant eexceptionally week for the next 3 months to ask if I were ready yet. His normal phrasing was ‘You exhausted of that stank pussy yet?’ Good times.”


10. I grinned, thanked him, and walked on.

“A gentleman at a regional Pride parade I went to quit once he saw me and also shelp, ‘Oh, my…currently there’s a beautiful man.’ I grinned, thanked him, and also walked on.”


11. I was crazy flattered and felt added confident for a few days.

“Years ago I had a Craigslist Chicago Missed Connections created around me by another dude. He had come into the pharmacy I worked at. One of our regulars found the posting and also carried it in to display us. The gist was ‘I favor your belly and beard, let’s get coffee.’

Everyone wanted me to call, simply to see what would certainly occur. I declined, as I didn’t desire to call the guy simply to reject him. Still, I was crazy flattered and also felt additional confident for a couple of days.”


12. Ladies, I feel your pain.

“I was drinking alone and also the male sat down near me and also began up a conversation. It was exceptionally obvious he was gay, (I’m a directly male) but we had a great time talking around stuff and passing the moment. He drank a lot, yet was a pretty substantial man. I politely refsupplied his offer to buy a round. On leaving, he sassist his vehicle was blocked in so I assisted straight him out of the spot. One he was freed, he popped open the passenger door and sassist ‘gain in the automobile.’ I shelp ‘No thanks’ and he repetitive, louder ‘Get in the car.’ I shelp ‘no’ and also started walking earlier to the bar, as soon as he jumped out and also pointed to the open door, screaming ‘GET IN THE CAR!’ I stopped and also shelp nothing, but began reasoning of what to perform if he took a action closer to me. Then he jumped in and also sped off. WTF? Ladies, I feel your pain. If you ever before feel uncomfortable at a bar, tell or signal someone, please.”


13. It is, in all honesty, refreshing to recognize that tright here is someone eyeing you that has actually the balls to say something about it.

“I have the right to stop for many type of guys when I say this:

Flattered and appreciative.

Generally speaking, women don’t bother giving me any type of noticeable signals of overt attractivity that compliment our demeanor, style, and physical aesthetics unless they are friends or girlfriends.

We don’t obtain continuous and ensuring commentary on our appearance unmuch less we’re seen sloppy or we significantly change somepoint about our style.

It is, in all honesty, refreshing to recognize that there is someone eyeing you that has the balls to say somepoint around it, also if they have actually balls and you’re just not into the homosex-related persuasion.

So here’s a many thanks to those bold gay dudes that bvarious other providing out compliments. You’re great civilization.”


14. A lot of them have actually pretty high requirements in appearance so it feels excellent just to be hit on by them.

“I’ve been hit on directly by a couple of gay men. I’m certain there are assholes who would take it the wrong method, however I think you deserve to pick up that asshole vibe prior to you ask. I’m super flattered once a gay guy hits on me. A lot of them have pretty high criteria in appearance so it feels excellent just to be hit on by them. Like the various other poster said, I generally never before have girls giving me compliments or hitting on me choose that.

It’s simply a little awkward having actually to revolve them down bereason I recognize just how tough it is to technique a girl, I’m sure it’s doubly as difficult to approach a member of the exact same sex who you don’t recognize which method they roll. As someone that doesn’t have actually as much endure obtaining hit on as girls I feel really poor disappointing someone like that.

I’d say if you don’t make it weird, they won’t make it weird. If they say no many thanks, play it cool, smile, make a joke and also go about your day.

Honestly gay bars are some of my favorite places tho. The girls tright here are awesome because they don’t have their guards up versus douchebag hitting on them. The men all want to buy me drinks. And everybody is dvery own to dance. I don’t mind having actually to dodge a man trying to grind on me now and then.”


15. Reactions array from ‘this is my girlfriend’ to ‘ahh what the hell, I heard prostate stimulation avoids cancer anyway.’

“It counts on exactly how lengthy of a dry spell I’m on. Reactions selection from ‘this is my girlfriend’ to ‘ahh what the hell, I heard prostate stimulation avoids cancer anyway.’”


16. It really made me realize that if I was a womale that type of behavior would be scary to me.

“I was pretty flattered a lot of of the moment it happened. I stayed in a neighborhood through a big gay area so it was a tiny normal. This one man acquired kind of pushy though. It really made me realize that if I was a woman that kind of behavior would be scary to me. As a male, I might fight this other guy off, he was smaller sized than me. If I had been a woguy getting aggressively hit on by the exact same guy, I wouldn’t have been able to fight him off. So currently I’ve taught my bit sister exactly how to fight dirty and go for the jugular, just not literally.”


17. Never minded it.

“Worked at a restaurant and also one of the cooks, Fat Freddy, was gay. 300+ pound 6’2 babsence male. I was a 5’9, 160 pound white boy.

He would occasional say to me when I checked out gain my orders ‘Mmmm, one day I’m-a tear you up.’ It was a running joke and he’d perform it at the many inopportune or opportune time for that issue (once he might tell I was having a negative day). One day after a night of drinking we quit to get a bite to eat, I view my friends on the various other side of the table looking over my shoulder, behind me, a second later on I hear ‘Mmmm, at some point I’m-a tear you up.’

Freddy!!!!!! Hadn’t watched him in 2+years.

Needmuch less to say I preferred Freddy and thought about him a friend, never before minded it.

For the visual, give this male a mustache and also you’ve gained Freddy and also this is me currently.”


18. ‘Fuckin’ directly men. YOU DON’T KNOW!’

“I was at a gay bar for a friend’s birthday a few years ago. Another directly friend and I were chatting. He is a pretty great looking dude. I was decent, if a tiny chunky, at the moment. A patron of the bar, that might have been a tiny drunk, walked over to us. Doesn’t also offer my frifinish a 2nd look.

‘Stand also up,’ repursuits the patron.

‘I’m sorry…?’ I reply.

‘Stand also up and also turn approximately for me.’

I stood up, just to gain at eye level, yet did not turn approximately.

‘Oh, no. I’m simply below for a friend’s birthday. Thank you, however I’m not interested.’

‘Turn around!’

‘No, I’m good. But thanks!’

‘You don’t know! Fuckin’ right men. YOU DON’T KNOW!’

‘I’m pretty certain I recognize, yet many thanks aobtain.’

And through that, he walked away, continuing to comsimple around just how ‘right males don’t know!’

Honestly, it was a pretty funny enrespond to. And I was genuinely flattered (as I am as soon as anyone hits on me, as it doesn’t take place incredibly often).”


19. I laughed, shook his hand also, and went on via my night.

“I remained in a nightclub a month or two ago and also a guy came as much as me, winked and also said, ‘Hi, I’m blahblah and I favor to eat ass.’ I laughed, shook his hand also, and also went on with my night.”


20. Ask them to buy me a drink, take the drink from them, yell ‘white girl’d!’ and also run ameans.

“Ask them to buy me a drink, take the drink from them, yell ‘white girl’d!’ and also run away. (I’m an Oriental male.)”


21. It was a nice ego increase till a man began rubbing his crotch on me five minutes later.

“Flattered yet if they take it also much or make it weird, then uncomfortable. I’m a decent looking man through a bubble butt. I’ve had a gay coworker sell me $1000 to play video games at his residence naked. I’ve had actually a guy pull up alongside me while I was walking, asking for directions to a area. When I began to tell him, he sassist it would be better if I obtained in the vehicle and also confirmed him, and then he winked at me.

I visited the NYC gay pride parade when. Horrible principle. Although one exceptionally drunk Latino slurred to me ‘You’re so sexy’ which was a nice ego rise. Until a guy began rubbing his crotch on me 5 minutes later.”


22. I can’t also imagine what women go through in the very same instance.

“I provided to job-related for a catering firm in Miami ago in 2008.

I would serve drinks and food to civilization at really nice/exclusive parties. I am right and also had actually never before been hit on by gay dudes prior to but once I started that job it ended up being normal for me.

It was always older dudes favor 40+ and also I was approximately 26. They would certainly be cool, perverted, nice, douchey, or whatever before at every event I worked. In the start I was super uncomfortable bereason sometimes they would certainly catspeak to me or try to put their hands on me while I was functioning, however after a few months I didn’t care when they tried to make advancements at me because I learned exactly how to deflect their advances or shrug it off.

When you serve hors d’oeuvres or drinks at a party, people think it’s OK to talk to you yet they want. What makes it worse is you can’t go everywhere bereason you are functioning so you need to tolerate it or learn to escape those moments when some male doesn’t leave you alone.

I’m about a 7/10 regarding looks so I can’t even imagine what women go through in the very same situation. It absolutely made me feel bad for anyone that goes with that.”


23. It’s the exact same as a bunch of degenerate men whistling at a girl. Fucking disgusting.

“My paleas made a decision to take me on a cruise with them. The primary demographic is 50-year-old gay males.

I find it horrible. I’m a 19-year-old male (I’m a ‘pretty’ boy, I’ve obtained a girlfriend) and also I’ve been forcetotally groped in clubs by other men. It actually feels choose I’ve been abprovided, and I shed my dignity. It’s horrible.

I heard a group of gay males say ‘Wow I’d bend him over’ to me. It’s fucking disgusting. Just bereason homosexuality isn’t the norm doesn’t give world the appropriate to be vulgar in public. It’s the very same as a bunch of degeneprice males whistling at a girl. Fucking disgusting.”


24. I was beginning to worry that I was a hideous freak to both men and also women!

“My wife used to go to an all-periods club through her coemployees. During a lot of of the week it was a gay club yet on Wednesday nights it was open up to everyone 18 and also over. I was the designated driver for her and a few other girls and I’d hang in the bar while they got their dance on.

Now in PA you might have serve alcohol and also have actually underage patrons in the same room, however they had to be separated by a fence. While my wife was out dancing I was behind the fence via dozens of gay guys simply sitting ago and also relaxing.

Nobody hit on me for the first few weeks we went. Then it occurred. an excellent looking young black dude stood next to me and asked me my name. He started up a conversation. Got me a drink. Found out I was married and also walked ameans.

How did I feel?


I was beginning to problem that I was a hideous freak to both guys and also women!”


25. I may not play for the team, but I appreciate the compliment.

“I’ve had actually a long running concept as a straight, white male, that gay guys mostly recognize what a good-looking guy is expected to look favor aesthetically. So I believe that they have a deeper insight right into what is preferred in the male physique (I’ve viewed some warm girls with ugly guys, but in my area not many kind of gay males through unattrenergetic SO’s). So my conclusion is that I might not play for the team, but I appreciate the compliment.”


26. I’m going to be honest—being hit on by a male provides me very uncomfortable.

“Seinfeld said that when you’re thin, neat and also single, civilization think you can be gay. I guess that’s true, because it happens to me eexceptionally once in a while.

I understand the ‘high road’ is to say ‘I’m flattered’ when asked the question. Shout out to the straight people that genuinely feel that way. But I’m going to be honest—being hit on by a man makes me incredibly uncomfortable.

As a child, I was very skinny and also favored video games and also other nerd shit. Sports didn’t interest me. I didn’t sheight much. So, I was jokingly dubbed gay frequently by the ‘jocks.’ That shit destroyed me emotionally once it occurred in the existence of girls I were interested in.

I guess that automatic response sort of stuck to me. I’m not wild disrespectful once people of the very same sex hit on me or assume that I can be bi/gay, but I carry out become visibly uncomfortable after the reality.”


27. I told him I’d take his word that he can suck dick better than any kind of girl I’d ever before been through.

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“My old roommate had a very flamboyant gay friend, and he would always say ‘I guarantee I suck dick better than any girl you’ve ever before been via.’ Just told him I’d take his word for it.”


28. Flattered, except when they can’t take ‘I’m straight’ as a response.

“Flattered, other than once they can’t take ‘I’m straight’ as a solution. Then I’m forced to replay eextremely drunken strategy I’ve ever made to encertain I’ve never before been that pushy. I haven’t, however man is that an inconvenience.”