22 million populace compared to South"s 9 million, 3.5 out of 9 million were slaves. 4/5ths of US sector remained in North.Northern factories turned out 30x more shoes, 13x more iron, 32x more firearms.Enabled North to be self sustaining, South reliant on imports. North had actually 2x size of railroad.Better financial system, they implemented first income tax, issued paper money, produced board of inner revenue to manage finances. South published even more money, cause roaring inflation.

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Citizens were loyal to their state governments fairly than freshly created one in Richmond, Jefferchild Davis failed to unite says. Rights of individual states took precedence over central gov. as it couldn"t levy protective taxes. capitation taxes and also taxes on imports and also exports were restricted which lead to inflation.States were self interested eg. Governor Joseph Drvery own of Georgia enabled 10,000 citizens to avoid the draft by making them lieutenants, unprofessionals in charge. North Carolina"s governor Zebulon Vance hoarded 100,000 unidevelops, numerous blankets and shoes while Lee"s cold in rags, disunity result in poorly equipped soldiers.
Generals Grant and Sherman were figured out and strategic. In July 1863 General Grant lead siege that captured Vicksburg in Mississippi and also New Orleans. This offered North access to Mississippi river, made it nearly impossible for the Confederates to profession alengthy river.General Shermale recorded Atlanta Georgia which was huge manufacturing centre and also railroad hub, use to their benefit.
Lincoln joined the North, kept morale, produced pro-battle consensus. Got rechosen in 1864 during war period. He very closely schosen his cabinet with able guys such as Seward and Chase so ensured loyalty. Lincoln focused on goals in armed forces matters. Without strong political leadership economic climate may not have actually been as strong.
Davis unable to develop good working relationships via his cabinet, changed it many type of times so didn"t form loyalty, regularly quarrelled through them. He associated himself in subordinate affairs which made it hard to prioritise.
Lee"s strategic vision restricted, only focused on east area near Virginia. Braxton Bragg extremely unrenowned basic, difficult to unify men behind him, responsible for loss at Battle of Shiloh in Tennescheck out.

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South lacked organic lines of defence, major rivers flowed into Confederacy so rebels had weak spot the North might use to its benefit eg. Capturing of Mississippi river
Britain refoffered to recognise confederacy, south believed it would certainly recognise them if they were dependent on them for cotton. South introduced unmain cotton embargo however failed because British waredwellings were full and stocked up on cotton so tbelow was no instant shortage. Backfired bereason South faicaused export their a lot of useful commodity.

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