Fans of Netflix"s Marvel universe were introduced to Luke Cage in Jessica Jones, as the significant and also alluring bartender through unbreakable skin. But if you review the original comics, you would have actually initially met Luke Cage as soon as he was in prison. That"s no reason to worry though because his incarceration doesn"t suppose this superhero was ever a villain. Due to the fact that his own Netflix series will certainly gain to display his backstory and just how he became so powerful, it will likewise explain why Luke Cage was in prison and also spoiler alert: His time behind bars will not make you love him any kind of less — in fact, it will certainly probably make you even even more sympathetic to his plight.

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Luke Cage first appeared on the Marvel scene in the 1972 comic, Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1 as "Carl Lucas" (however I"ll proceed to refer to him as Luke). Although Luke was associated in illegal activity when he was younger by joining a gang through his frifinish Willis Stryker, he rejected a life of crime fairly beforehand. Stryker — later recognized as Diamondearlier — was a minor character in the Luke Cage comics and also is the factor why Luke finished up in jail. And while Netflix hasn"t released anything officially stating that Diamondago will be in Luke Cage , ScreenCrush reported that photos from the collection seem to prove that actor Erik LaRay Harvey will be portraying the character, which is pretty important for a Luke Cage beginning story.

Like many kind of other superheroes before and also after him, Luke was framed by his finest friend-turned-adversary Stryker and it all started through a character that fans of Jessica Jones will be familiar via — Reva Connors. In Jessica Jones, Reva was Luke"s deceased wife that Jessica had puburned in front of a bus and eliminated once she was under the mind manage of Kilgrave, however when the personalities were younger, Reva dated Stryker. She was turned off by Stryker"s dangerous line of work and also of course, dropped for Luke (cause who wouldn"t?). Stryker then jealously framed Luke by planting heroin in his apartment.

To make matters worse, the heroin Stryker planted was stolen from his rival gang, led by Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes. Stokes will be a significant villain in Luke Cage Seaboy 1 and also Housage of Cards fans need to be celebrating considering that Remy actor Mahershala Ali is depicting this menacing crime boss. And if IMDb is to be thought, tright here are actors playing young Carl, Cornell, and Stryker, which implies that viewers are a lot of likely going to have some flashbacks on their hands.


Luke checked out jail for the heroin and it was there that he got his superhuman abilities, many thanks to agreeing to get involved in some experiments by Dr. Burstein. Burstein is reasonably well-meaning in the comics through Luke obtaining his unbreakable skin and super stamina by the priboy guard Billy Bob Rackham messing with the experiments intentionally considering that he had a vendetta against Luke. IMDb has actually no actor depicting Rackham as of yet, yet Michael Kostroff is rumored to be playing the scientist doctor on Luke Cage. While Dr. Burstein isn"t evil in the comics, Kostroff typically plays characters with some questionable morals, choose Charles Froines on The Good Wife or Maury Levy on The Wire, so he could end up being even more directly responsible for Luke Cage"s superhero powers. Either method, based upon the initially trailer, these experiments inside a tank that made Luke who he is will certainly be presented on the series.

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As poor as a scientific research experiment gone wrong deserve to be, those powers are what enabled Luke to escape jail and come to be the man that fans observed in Jessica Jones. The Netflix series may adjust some details around Luke"s beginning story, however the reality that the majority of of the personalities that are involved in his past seem to be cast is a great sign that his story will remain largely intact. Although his background is in the previous currently given that the series takes area after the occasions of Jessica Jones , everyone knows that superheroes are not only pros at fighting crime, but additionally at holding grudges, so intend to watch the repercussions of his time in jail play out on Luke Cage.