I've been debating whether sfinishing her earlier to her mother and dad is the appropriate point to carry out or whether saying that she must stay in Acadia. She really thinks that she's a synth, however would she be happy going earlier to her house or would certainly she be better off in Acadia. There's no synth component on her, so I'm not certain what's the best option here


I send her residence. It helps her paleas, and also she inevitably acknowledges that she'll never before really recognize the truth, and also that it doesn't issue.

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I send her house because Kasumi herself has actually doubts around DiMA and it's practically prefer she desires to go home, yet is afrhelp to show her face after running ameans because she doesn't believe her paleas will understand. After all, she isn't really a Synth, and it's clear that the manipulative DiMA is trying to gaslight her, simply prefer he tries to perform to the Sole Survivor in questioning their Pre-War life.

Before playing Far Harbor, I remember a ton of world going crazy just via the principle that the SS might be a synth. Then I played it for myself and also saw that it was simply DiMA confirming his own place via nearly no input from you. He simply goes, "But you don't remember anything else," without anyone also hinting at that. If he was somehow able to fool real, adult people via that, it's no surpclimb it could job-related on an impressionable teenager going through an identity crisis, in a video clip game.

She's not a Synth she's simply upcollection bereason her parental fees are whiny asshole bitches. Do you think it's a coincidence her desires begin up after the grandpa she connected via died? I acquired her out of that stupid cult and also sent out her house and told them to gain their shit together

I agree with everything you shelp.

However before... she sadly is a synth. I was playing approximately via various endings, and also I told Far Harbour around their captain being a synth, and they went ballistic. They marched up to Arcadia and killed everyone. Including Kasumi. I visited examine(loot) her body and uncovered she has a synth component, which confirms she is indeed a synth.

It's a hard alternative for me bereason I recognize what she is going via.

Kasumi is having a identification crisis, she doesn't recognize who she is or what she desires in life, she feels favor her parents don't recognize what she is going through. This is somepoint I can relate to prospering up not only questioning my gender and also sexuality but likewise dealing with family members that don't understand also the mindset of an autistic son.

DiMA genuinely cares for her, he wants to make her feel invited and safe because he thinks he understands her. I don't feel any malice in what DiMA did nor that he deliberately tricked her.

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I additionally don't feel her parents are bad civilization, they additionally love and also treatment around Kasumi a lot they're just a little bit also protective. So I usually send Kasumi house because while she might have found a supportive neighborhood it's clear she cares for her parents and also her parental fees are very loving.