(betters plural & 3rd perboy present) (bettering current participle) (bettered previous tense & past participle )

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3  adv If you choose one thing betterthan one more, you choose it even more. ADV after v I choose your interpretation better than the one I was taught..., They favored it much better as soon as it rained.  
4  adj 
If you are much better after an illness or injury, you have actually respanned from it. If you feel better, you no much longer feel so ill. v-attach ADJ He is much much better now, he"s fine..., The physicians were saying tbelow wasn"t a lot hope of me acquiring much better.  
5  phrase 
You use had better or "d much better once you are advising, warning, or threatening someone, or expressing an opinion around what must happen. It"s half previous two. I think we had much better go residence..., You"d better run if you"re going to gain your ticket...    In spoken English, people sometimes usage much better without `had" or `be" before it. It has actually the exact same interpretation. Better not say as well a lot aloud.  
6  pron 
If you say that you mean or deserve better, you suppose that you mean or deserve a greater conventional of achievement, behaviour, or therapy from world than they have actually presented you. Our long-enduring mining neighborhoods deserve better than this.  
7  verb 
If someone betters a high success or conventional, they achieve something greater. He recorded a time of 4 minutes 23, bettering the old record of 4-24...  V n 
8  verb 
If you better your situation, you improve your social standing or the top quality of your life. If you betteryourself, you boost your social status. He had actually dedicated his life to bettering the lot of the oppressed world of South Africa...  V n Our parents chose to come right here via the hope of bettering themselves.  V pron-refl 
9 Better is supplied to create the comparative of compound adjectives start through `good" and `well." For instance, the comparative of `well-off" is `better-off." 
10 You have the right to say that someone is much better doing one point than another, or it is much better doing one point than an additional, to advise someone around what they must do. ♦be better doing sth/it is better doing sth   
 phrase V inflects, PHR -ing, PHR -ed Wouldn"t it be better placing a time-limit on the task?..., Subjects favor this are better left alone.  
11 If something transforms for the better, it boosts. ♦for the better 
 phrase PHR after v He desires of altering the civilization for the better.  
12 If a feeling such as jealousy, curiosity, or anger gets the much better of you, it becomes too solid for you to hide or regulate. ♦to obtain the much better of sb 
 phrase V inflects, PHR n She didn"t enable her emotions to acquire the better of her.  
13 If you get the better of someone, you defeat them in a dispute, fight, or dispute. ♦to acquire the better of sb 
 phrase V inflects, PHR n He is supplied to challenging defenders, and also he normally gets the much better of them.  
14 If someone knows betterthan to carry out something, they are old sufficient or competent enough to know it is the wrong thing to do. ♦to understand better 
 phrase V inflects, oft PHR than to-inf She knew better than to argue with Adeline...  
15 If you understand betterthan someone, you have actually even more information, understanding, or suffer than them. ♦to recognize better 
 phrase V inflects, oft PHR than n He assumed he kbrand-new much better than I did, though he was a lot less proficient...  
16 If you say that someone would be better off doing something, you are advising them to do it or expressing the opinion that it would benefit them to perform it. ♦be better off 
 phrase PHR -ing/prep/adv If you"ve got bags you"re much better off taking a taxi...  
17 If you go one much better, you do something better than it has been done before or obtain something better than someone else has actually. ♦go one better 
 phrase V inflects, oft PHR than n Now General Electric have actually gone one much better than nature and also made a diamond purer than the ideal quality herbal diamonds.  
18 You say `That"s better" in order to express your approval of what someone has said or done, or to praise or encourage them. ♦that"s better 
 convention `I pertained to ask your adviceno, to ask for your aid."—`That"s better. And how can I help you?"  
19 You have the right to say `so much the better" or `all the better" to indicate that it is desirable that a particular point is supplied, done, or obtainable. ♦all/so a lot the better 
 phrase Use strong white flour, and also if you can acquire hold of durum wwarmth flour, then so a lot the much better...  
20 You have the right to use expressions like `The bigger the better" or `The sooner the better" to say that you would prefer it if somepoint is massive or happens shortly. ♦the bigger/sooner/smaller and so on the better 
 phrase The Irish love a party, the bigger the better...  
21 If you intend to carry out somepoint and also then think better of it, you decide not to do it because you realize it would certainly not be judicious. ♦to think much better of it 
 phrase V inflects Alberg opened his mouth, as if to protest. But he believed better of it.  
22 If you say that something has actually happened or been done for much better or worse, you mean that you are not certain whether the after-effects will be good or bad, yet they will need to be accepted bereason the activity cannot be readjusted. ♦for much better or (for) worse 
 phrase PHR after v, PHR via cl I married you for better or worse, learning all about these difficulties.  
23  → against your much better judgment 
 → judgment  → to be better than nothing  → nothing  → the much better part  → part 

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