Once you take notification, they're everywhere! Everywhere! Is it intended to be something prefer including tension to the gameplay? Like you're walking dvery own a hallway and also all of a sudden..."DIE RAIDER! oh wait, it's just a mannequin. My bad" Or maybe it's a Boston thing? I don't know, I live extremely much amethod from America.

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you're walking down a hallway and suddenly..."DIE RAIDER! oh wait, it's simply a mannequin. My bad"

Pretty certain it's this. It's an included "bonus" that you can't actually build mannequins in your settlements to display screen your favourite outfits.

Partly I think it's just a game architecture point that they realized would make the game even more spooky and complicated and also realistic (wouldn't you scrounge mannikins for your junk fort to attract fire?). Another feasible element is with the whole synth storyline, tright here are countless nods to Blade Jogger. Tbelow is a scene in that movie wright here a synth hides among a repertoire of mannikins. Also note the ubiquity of working elevators in this game. An elevator plays a function in the iconic final moment of the director's reduced. And I haven't dug out my DVD yet to confirm, but the bell tone of the FO4 elevators I suspect is an virtually specific enhance of the one in the film.

I think it's mainly simply devs messing roughly, easter eggs/referrals to other stuff, via a small bonus of spooking civilization (wasted quite a couple of bulallows on them, also tbelow are a few synths hiding with the mannequins in particular places).

Play through the HUD off for a bit. Now try to tell if you're hitting a target or not. Sure, you obtain an XP ding on a kill, but I've dumped a number of explodi-minigun and also gattling laser bursts in the direction of mannequins, unable to tell them from the other things shooting at me. I think this was the idea; kinda choose decoys offered in virtally every battle to date.

kinda favor decoys

I've watched a number of mannequins setup at barricades supposedly specifically as decoys by the men manning the walls.

Raiders and gunners usage them as decoys. Tright here are actually a metric ton of mannequins in actual life -- it's simply they're all clustered in stores and also shopping centers now. Your average Filene's Basement more than likely had actually a pair dozen at least, earlier when that save still existed.

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Maybe the Institute is making use of them to spy on us. What perform you speak to that for a theory? I know they use ravens as mobile spy-camages (a bit like a spy drone) so it would certainly make sense for them to use something as random as a mannequin as eyes on the ground.