Use the complying with graph and what you recognize around Amerideserve to military involvement to answer the question below:What accounts for the spikes in American defense spfinishing in the 1950s?The entry of the U.S. right into the UNThe Afghan WarThe Vietnam WarThe Oriental WarPoints earned on this question: 5

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Why are the wars in Vietnam and also Korea much better remembered in the United States than other proxy wars?Because the USA lost these warsSince the United States won these warsDue to the fact that many kind of Americans died in these warsSince these were the longest proxy warsPoints earned on this question: 5
Why did the USA inevitably stop sustaining South Africa?The government began enacting socialist land redevelops.Popular opinion turned versus South African apartheid.South Africa started taking arms and funds from the Soviets.The American public quit supporting Afrihave the right to treatment.Points earned on this question: 5
Use the graph listed below showing the price of wars in the 20th century to answer the following question:Which is the finest explanation for why the Cold War is not had in this chart?Since the Cold War didn"t involve fighting, tright here was no money budgeted or shed in fighting the Cold War.Because the Cold War is just one more name for the Vietnam War, that expense is consisted of in the graph.The Cold War was not a typical war, and its expenses are measured by the individual proxy wars.It is included in the prices of World War II as part of the worldwide post-war recoincredibly.Points earned on this question: 5
The Soviets" leave from Afghanistan led to asweeping victory for democracyseries of transitional governmentsSoviet-style dictatorshipU.S.-backed Muslim theocracyPoints earned on this question: 5
Proxy wars were mostly a product ofAmerican attempts to gain coloniesthe Soviet policy of the domino theorySoviet attempts to connect in a war via the U.S.the Amerihave the right to plan of containmentPoints earned on this question: 5
Which cause and also result connection is appropriately matched?Communists preeminence North Korea—China and also the Soviet Union back North KoreaFidel Castro assumes power in Cuba—the U.S. backs the Castro regimeThe mujahedeen rise in Afghanistan—the Soviets back the mujahedeenThe Sandinistas take power in Nicaragua—the UNITED STATE backs the SandinistasPoints earned on this question: 5
Which of the adhering to was not an effect of proxy wars?An arms race in between the UNITED STATE and the Soviet UnionThe climb of democracies in a lot of of Latin AmericaA politically-unified VietnamThe politically-split Korean peninsulaPoints earned on this question: 5



World History Patterns of InteractionDahia Ibo Shabaka, Larry S. Krieger, Linda Babsence, Phillip C. Naylor, Roger B. Beck

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