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When people think of muscle health, they generally describe strength, conditioning, versatility and endurance – points achieved in a gym or yoga studio. As a former expert athlete and present pain specialist, there is a missing component to determine if a muscle is healthy or has appropriate function

Myth #1: A Muscle Should Be Hard.

Muscles should constantly be soft, unidevelop and continuous. The just time a muscle need to be tough is when it is in a contracted state (i.e. when it is actively flexed). If you feel the muscle fibers of a highly arisen body builder, you’ll alert that the muscle will certainly actually feel soft. When the bodybuilder flexes, the muscle will certainly actually feel exceptionally tough and thick. This is a normal, healthy state of a muscle.

When a muscle is difficult in a calm state, that means the muscle fibers have gone into a chronically contracted state and are inqualified of relaxing. A muscle in this state will hurt and also feel stiff bereason of the strain it puts on joints and the lack of plicapability within the tight muscle fibers.

Myth #2: Stretching Will Decrease Muscle Tightness.

When tight muscles feel stiff, human being have the urge to stretch, not realizing that standard or dynamic stretching only stretches acomponent the healthy and balanced fibers – the fibers that are capable of elongating – however not those fibers that are hard and in a constantly tight state.

In my suffer, the just means to loosen up these specific, tight fibers is using direct organized press, which pressures those fibers acomponent at the location of the press. As an example, think of a knot tied in the middle of a rubber band also and the ends of the rubber band being pulled acomponent. Eextremely part of the rubber band is stretching, other than for the knot. This would be the tantamount of traditional extending which pulls at the ends of the muscle. What I’m referring to is straight, perpendicular pressure right into the knot itself and also breaking it apart. In addition, muscle fibers are three-dimensional, which means push needs to be applied at multiple angles and deep into the tworry, forcing the separation of eincredibly fiber.


Myth #3: Foam Rolling or Deep-Tissue Massage Loosens Up Muscle Tproblem.

When I talk about using direct push into a muscle, a lot of human being think of foam rolling or massage. While these methods feel good, they actually perform extremely little to loosen up tight tworry. My clinical monitoring among patients that have actually used foam rolling or massage to remove their tightness is that the muscle still feels tough and also maintains symptoms of pain and also stiffness.

The factor these methods are ineffective is because they simply relocate across the superficial surchallenge of the muscle. They don’t penetrate deep right into the tightness and don’t hold the fibers in a stretched position long enough to have lasting, reliable impact.


Myth #4: No Pain or Stiffness Equals No Problem.

Repetitive movement and sustained contractions reason muscles to acquire tight over time. People spend years exercising and also utilizing their muscles while sitting at a desk, and also then at some point, it appears as if an injury or pain simply happens. Tbelow is a specific threshold of tightness needed to have actually any kind of symptoms of pain and stiffness. Being below this thresorganize gives the perception that there is no difficulty accumulating.

As the fibers proceed to tighten because of usage, an injury or pain appears to spontaneously happen, as soon as in truth, tright here are years or also years of tightness that has actually been emerging within the muscle.

Final Thoughts

The function of this article is draw attention to incredibly generally made assumptions about muscle health that don’t deal with the complete picture of what is happening in the body. I urge you to notification what I’ve outlined here as you engage in your day-to-day tasks. Your muscles have to be soft if they are healthy and balanced. When you alert some parts of the muscle that feel tough to the touch while in a relaxed state, try extending these muscles and also watch if they loosen up.

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What you’ll uncover is that typical extending is advantageous for existing healthy and balanced fibers, yet it will certainly carry out nothing for tight, hard fibers. The finest way to deal with these certain fibers, which reason pain and stiffness, is with direct, organized pressure. When the tproblem loosens up by the use of press, you will certainly alert that the muscles feel softer, more flexible, and you will have even more strength, and better growth and also feature of the muscle. Focus on your muscle wellness now to avoid future issues and also think about that exercise and also stretching are only part of the solution.