One widespread trouble that first-time builders have the right to run right into is that, after building their device and also turning it on for the first time, they uncover that their graphics card fan(s) isn’t spinning. This have the right to be incredibly frustrating and could signal that tbelow is a potential difficulty.

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However, in the majority of situations, the reality is that it is most likely a simple mistake that the builder missed and the solution is straightforward. So, in this overview, we’re going to go over what some of the even more common reasons why your GPU fan isn’t spinning.

Many Usual Reakid Why Your GPU Fans Aren’t Spinning

Believe it or not, some graphics cards won’t spin till they hit a certain temperature. They come through a passive cooling mode that is designed to aid them reduced down on system noise. In this circumstances, a lot of users actually end up their develop and usage their systems for a provided length of time prior to they notice that their GPU fans aren’t spinning. And, as soon as they ultimately realize that it isn’t spinning, they assume somepoint is wrong, when in truth, that was simply the method the card was designed to operate.

To test if this is what is happening with your graphics card, sindicate run a game or anxiety test/benchnote that will certainly put your GPU under pack. You have the right to also install MSI Afterburner and raise the rate of the fan(s) manually. If your graphics card’s fans don’t rotate on once the game/benchnote gets going (and also the card gets hotter) or after manually setting them in MSI Afterburner, then you most likely have actually a different problem.

Other Problems That Could Be Preventing Your GPU’s Fans from Spinning On A New Build

If you have actually a brand new COMPUTER construct where everything is turning on other than the GPU (and also its fans), check these other widespread reasons why your graphics card’s fans can not be spinning:

1. PCIe Power Isn’t Plugged In

Some first-time building contractors forobtain to plug points in. I’ve constructed fairly a few systems and I’ve foracquired to plug points in before. It happens. So, one factor why your GPU fans might not be spinning might sindicate be bereason you forobtained to plug the PCIe power cable from your PSU into it.

Check to see that your graphics card is connected to your power supply. Note, though, that some graphics cards (choose the GTX 1050 Ti and GTX 1050 to name a couple) don’t have actually 6 or 8-pin PCIe power connectors bereason they run solely off of the power offered to them with the PCIe lane. So, if you have a graphics card that doesn’t need to be associated through a PCIe connection from your power supply and the fans aren’t spinning and the GPU isn’t working, then there is something else wrong.

2. Another Power Cable Isn’t Plugged In

While you’d probably be looking for a term various other than ‘GPU fan not spinning’ for this potential concern, it is constantly an excellent principle to double-examine all of the relationships in your device if something is not functioning and also make certain that all relationships are A) actually plugged in, and also B) seated properly.

My guess, though, is that if you’re in search of reasons why your GPU fan isn’t spinning, then most likely the other components (and also fans) in your device are functioning, but just your GPU isn’t. So, if you’ve reseated every one of the cables and also ensured that they’re all plugged in and also your GPU fan still isn’t spinning, then you’re dealing with a various issue—and it’s possible that you have a faulty component.

What to Do Next

If your components are all seated appropriately and you’re not getting any kind of power to your GPU, or your GPU fans aren’t spinning (and also it isn’t the result of being in passive cooling mode), then you might have a faulty component. From tbelow, it’s a good principle to check the following:

1. If you have actually accessibility to a known working power supply, install that one and also reinspect if your graphics card and also its fans rotate on. If it turns on, the original PSU may be faulty. If it doesn’t turn on, it might be that your motherboard and/or graphics card are faulty. From there, you can try installing the graphics card in a different PCIe lane and also seeing if the PCIe lane on your motherboard is bad. If it still doesn’t work, it still could be an issue through the motherboard or the graphics card itself.

2. If you have access to one more computer system (that is recognized to be working), install the brand-new graphics card inside of it to test and also see if it turns on. If it transforms on appropriately in the test computer system, then it is most likely that the motherboard in the original mechanism is negative. If it doesn’t turn on in the test PC, then it is likely that the graphics card is faulty.

3. Rerelocate the graphics card from the construct totally and view if your mechanism boots up without it. If your device boots up simply fine without the graphics card mounted in it, that could get rid of the motherboard as being the problem. If it does boot up without the graphics card mounted in it, it’s most likely an excellent concept to run stress tests on the mechanism to see if any kind of troubles pop up. If it doesn’t have actually any kind of issues without the graphics card in it, it’s either feasible that the PCIe connector on the PSU is poor (which, if you tested the graphics card through a recognized working power supply and the graphics card still wasn’t functioning, that would most likely eliminate the opportunity of a poor PCIe power connector), or the graphics card is faulty.

At this suggest, if you’ve run via the 3 tests over and also your GPU still isn’t working, it is probably faulty and have to be returned/RMA’d for a replacement.

Issues That Could Be Preventing the Fans on Your GPU from Spinning on an Older Build

If you have actually an older mechanism and also your graphics card’s fans are no much longer functioning, then the complying with might be resulting in the issue:

1. Is Your GPU Too Dusty?

If you have an older mechanism and the fans on your graphics card offered to work-related fine, but currently aren’t spinning, then you could want to pull the card out and clean it. You can usage a have the right to of compressed air to remove any kind of dust that has actually collected on the fans. Once you’ve cleaned it out, you can either examine it aget or try the feasible settle detailed below too before you reexamine it.

2. Do your GPU’s Fan’s Bearings Need to Be Oiled?

If you have an aging graphics card and the fans are no much longer spinning, then you might be able to squeeze some additional life out of them by re-oiling the bearings on the fans. You’ll have to remove your graphics card from your system (if you haven’t already), rerelocate the fan(s), peel off the sticker on the ago, and use a pair of drops of 3-in-1 family oil (a lightweight mechanical oil will certainly work-related, however don’t usage WD-40.)

If the oil gets your fans spinning aacquire, then good. If it doesn’t it’s likely that your graphics card will certainly no longer work for you.

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Older GPU Fans Not Spinning? Is It Time for An Upgrade?

If you have actually an older graphics card and also you can’t acquire its fans to spin anymore, it’s likely time to rearea it. If you require a high-end graphics card, inspect out our Graphics Card Buyer’s Guide. Or, if you need a budget-friendly alternative to organize you over until you can afford a more effective GPU, inspect out our top choices for the best graphics cards under $150.