When you think of balloons, you tfinish to conjure up a photo of birthday parties, family get-togethers, and celebrations. Based on this, you can wonder why why some dogs are scared of balloons, given exactly how much fun and also excitement they can lug.

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My dog loves balloons. He will chase, capture, and then pop the balloons (which we need to soptimal, as it’s not that safe). Not all dogs favor balloons though. For instance, my friend’s dog has a actual fear and stress in the direction of balloons.

I decided to research why this could be. Plus, I also found accounts digital wright here some owners report their dogs being scared of warm air balloons too!

Why is my dog scared of balloons? Some dogs are scared of balloons as a result of a previous negative suffer, possibly wbelow one popped loudly in puppyhood. Other dogs are afraid of balloons as a result of the unusual means they sound and feel. In fact, they will certainly hate balloons!

Why are some dogs afraid of balloons?

Not all dogs are scared of balloons, simply some. Like I said currently, my dog loves them. But why is it that your dog is afrhelp of them, and also other’s favor playing via balloons.

Usually, tbelow are 2 factors why balloons deserve to reason an adverse response in dogs into hating them.

Firstly, some dogs will certainly be scared of balloons due a fideal brought about by the balloon or a instance where tright here were many balloons current. Maybe they believed it was a huge ball and also dug in their teeth only to be scared silly once the balloon popped.

The second reason have the right to be bereason of a lack of experiencing new points as a puppy. The home window for puppies to learn around the world is pretty little, and after that period, new experiences have the right to be met through issue and stress and anxiety – this will certainly regularly result in them peeing themselves as soon as scared.

When the balloon pops it have the right to streatment a dog not used to it.

If your puppy didn’t have the possibility to check out and also suffer numerous brand-new things as a youngster, they could currently react with fear as soon as confronted with somepoint they’ve not viewed before.

Just imagine exactly how weird a balloon might show up to dogs that have anxious personalities. It looks choose a sphere but doesn’t behave actually like a ball. It will certainly smell stselection and behave oddly when they touch it. It also has a stvariety texture to it.

To a dog, that can induce stress and also are afraid.

And this are afraid also has actually a name; globophobia. According to the FearOf.net webwebsite, globophobia is identified as the following:

“Globophobia originates from the Greek words globo definition spherical in regards to balloons and phobos which implies deep dreview or fear. People experiencing from this phobia feel morbid are afraid at the thought, sight, touch or even smell of balloons. Many individuals, however, are just afrassist of the sound made by the popping of balloons.”

Why carry out dogs love balloons?

On the various other hand, you could have actually a dog that likes balloons. Mine does and loves it once we play via them.

He likes to jump up and bite at the balloon, forcing it earlier up right into the air, only to float dvery own aobtain and torment him. This game have the right to go on for ages!

And my dog isn’t alone in loving them. Many type of of our four-legged friends will love bouncing balloons around and might even gain making them pop, so this absolutely isn’t a problem that affects all dogs.

The reason dogs like balloons is the oppowebsite to why some won’t love them; it’s all down to the way balloons behave, feel, and sound during play. Almost choose prey, they deserve to then catch and also kill a balloon – this is good for dogs via this kind of personality.

Handy Hint: Some dogs are bred to have high prey drive. For example, right here are some dog breeds that are terrific at catching rats.

Why some dogs are so scared of balloons

We’ve already mentioned that the bang of a popped balloon could be the thing that’s bring about the are afraid, but they might well be various other reasons also. Here’s more detail on what induces the are afraid in some pets.

1. How balloons move

If you think of how a balloon moves around a room, bouncing off the furniture and then flying via the air, tbelow aren’t many kind of other objects that move that means. For some sensitive dogs, that weird movement could be sufficient to make them decide that this is somepoint to store well away from.

2. How balloons smell

We know that a dog’s feeling of smell is so a lot better than humans, and we’re not just talking around a little bit better. Depfinishing on your dog’s breed, their feeling of smell can be as much as 100,000 times better than yours is.

Now think around the rubbery smell of a balloon, and also then imagine just how overpowering that smell can be if you had actually the smell sensitivity of your dog.

3. How balloons feel

If your dog has been comfortable sufficient to investigate the balloon, he can then be puzzled by its texture.

Undoubtedly, if he tries to take it in his mouth, he’s going to discover it complex to obtain organize to lug, and also then, there’s the risk of the bang if he does ultimately take it in his teeth.

My dog chasing a balloon – he actually loves them.

Why are dogs scared of warm air balloons?

I mentioned at the start of this just how I found somepoint digital about dogs being scared of warm air balloons. I think this is best left to the DreamDogs.co.uk webwebsite who it describe it as complies with.

“It’s a mix of the unfamiliarity through somepoint so huge and daunting floating overhead, and the loud, sudden noise of a burner firing up. The last of these facets is just likely to frighten a dog if you’re standing sensibly cshed – for instance, if you’re attending a balloon festival or watching one launch from your neighborhood park. When you think about it, it’s only natural for a dog to be frightened by warm air balloons.”

How to aid a dog’s fear of balloons

1. Provide them a safe place

For some dogs, the solution might be that they have a quiet balloon free location to go once celebrations are occurring. That means, your dog have the right to chill in his very own space and also not be worried about them.

Do make certain that they are well out of hearing distance as soon as you pop the balloons once tidying up.

2. Try respond to conditioning techniques

If your dog is a tiny apprehensive quite than terrified of the balloons, then this can be a great technique to attempt. Counter conditioning indicates changing your dog’s emotional response to the balloon from one of being scared to among being excited.

Here’s a step-by-action guide:

First off, you need to think around something that your dog loves to eat, so that can be hotdog saintake or cheese.Now reduced up a heap of these treats into little chunks.Take a seat on your sofa and have the balloon on the cushion next to you.Sexactly how your dog the good treats and also then start to feed them one by one.Once your dog has actually had a dozen or so, stand also up and move the balloon ameans out of sight.Have a quick break, and also then sit down aacquire via the balloon by your side.Now repeat aacquire, giving the great treats.

So, you’re now looking for your dog to come to be excited when he sees the balloon show up because he knows that balloons will certainly equate to good treats coming their way!

3. Desensitization techniques

This is an approach for dogs that are quite anxious when near balloons. Desensitization means progressively reducing exactly how sensitive your dog is to being about somepoint which reasons him to end up being anxious, in this case, balloons.

The procedure aims to gradually introduce the balloon, in the least scary method, to offer your dog the chance to gain supplied to them until they are no longer bothered by them.

Just as through counter conditioning, you need to discover a treat which your dog loves to eat; cooked meats, cheese, hotdogs all tfinish to be excellent options.Then have actually a balloon which hasn’t been blvery own up in one hand also and then offer your dog a treat with the other hand.As lengthy as your dog has presented no indicators of being worried, then you can put the smallest amount of air right into the balloon and also treat aacquire.Still nice and calm? Great, yet even more treats and a little even more air in the balloon.

Over numerous days you deserve to slowly include even more and also even more air into the balloon till it’s fully blown up, and also your dog is still nice and calm.

How to tell if your dog is afraid of a balloon

Sometimes our dog’s body language have the right to be incredibly subtle. So that suggests that unmuch less you know what you’re searching for, you could miss out on some of the indicators that they’re feeling anxious.

If you spot any type of of these indicators once the balloons come out, then the opportunities are that your faithful friend is informing you that they’re not happy:

Licking of their lips: This is a kind of appeasement gesture that your dog can execute as soon as trying to tell you that they are feeling worried.Ear position: Depending on exactly how your dog’s ears are generally positioned, you could seem them either pinned ago to their head or come to be incredibly upbest and also rigid.Hunched back: When it looks as if your dog is almost trying to disappear right into themselves, then they may be finding the case that they’re in incredibly hard to cope with. Do be aware, though, that this have the right to be a authorize of a variety of clinical difficulties and so you need to contact your vet if your dog is still hunched up once they’re no longer close to the balloons.Whale eye: This is once your dog reflects more of the white of their eye than usual. This is additionally occasionally recognized as half-moon eye.

Should you look for skilled help?

If your dog becomes so scared that they cannot be comforted or tbelow is a threat of injury to you or your dog, then you need to speak to your vet.

They deserve to preeminence out any type of medical problems that might reason fear kind behaviors to show up and also recommend a veterinary behaviorist who will aid you manage the situation.

Are balloons bad for dogs?

In brief, yes, balloons are negative for dogs. I execute not recommfinish that dogs play via balloons unlooked after. I’ve created an thorough guide to what happens if a dog eats a piece of popped balloon. Please read that if this has actually happened with your dog.

There is the noticeable threat wright here your dog might choke on a balloon when its popped. There’s additionally a really real problem than the little pieces of chewed balloon can obtain into your dog’s intestinal tract.

If this happens, there is a threat that the little pieces of balloon could reason a blockage. This will require surgical treatment and might even cause fatality if not noticed in time.

Based on that, you must not let your dog play with balloons.

Did You Know? One of the strangest things that dogs are scared of is fart noises!


For those dogs who perform uncover balloons scary, then it deserve to be a real problem once children are keen to have actually the residence adorned via balloons for parties and festive occasions.

Dogs that have a more acute sense of hearing may additionally uncover the noise of a balloon popping to be more worrying.

If you execute have actually a dog that hates balloons, it might be much easier to sindicate rerelocate any type of opportunity of them coming right into call through them, quite than attempting training methods.

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