A brand-new trfinish sees social media individuals changing their Snapchat Bitmoji so that it has green or purple skin – yet why?

Bitmoji, previously known as Bitstrips actually began way back in 2007, allowing customers to create their very own individual avatars digital. Then, in 2016 it was bought by Snapchat, and also Bitmoji came to be your very own customisable avatar to be supplied just on the Snapchat application.

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You can customise your Bitmoji yet you choose, altering its facial features, clothing and hair, and also you deserve to also make it look favor a fictional character also via bright skin colours and comedic outfits.

One trfinish has actually become popular on Snapchat that sees human being transforming the skin colour of their Bitmoji to bright green or purple – yet what does it actually mean?


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What is a Bitmoji?

A Bitmoji is your own personal avatar that is designed to be provided on Snapchat.

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You develop a Bitmoji yourself, customising its functions such as eyes, hair and outfit to make it look yet you want it to.

Then, your avatar gets turned into personalised stickers that have the right to be sent out to your friends.

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People are turning their Bitmoji’s purple or green

A new trend has actually began on Snapchat that involves young human being changing the skin colour of their Bitmoji.

Bitmoji’s don’t just enable you to have actually organic skin colours, you can make your skin a bright alien-like colour too.

all i deserve to think about once people adjust their bitmoji to purple skin is this pic.twitter.com/aEzNUQsa2W

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