Google Drive is among the earliest and many well-known file synchronization services on the internet. As its popularity rises more and also more, so perform the potential errors. An error that many kind of users have struggled via, whilst trying to play a video clip saved on Google drive, is the “Google Drive whoops there was a problem playing this video” message.

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With your Google account, you acquire 15 GB of cost-free storage area which deserve to even be extended. This provides it easy to share hefty information or save backup papers prefer videos, audio documents, Google Documents Google Sheets, and so on. However, video playback problems are currently surencountering and individuals are reporting errors prefer the “Video Processing Error” or the “Google drive whoops there was a problem playing this video”. These errors proccasion the video file from being played, but fortunately, there are several approaches to resolve this difficulty.


How to Fix the “Google Drive Whoops tright here was a Problem Playing this Video” Error?Other Possible Issues

How to Fix the “Google Drive Whoops there was a Problem Playing this Video” Error?

The error statement “Google drive whoops tbelow was a problem playing this video”, is very vague with no inclicountry in the direction of a direct remedial strategy. This suggests we need to, ourselves, figure out what the concern is and how to fix it.

This might be as a result of easy human errors or problems via the cache, internet browser, netoccupational link, etc. The possibilities are many type of and also therefore, we have to go through each one by one. The best method is to begin off with the extremely fundamental need for playing a video clip on Google drive: a stable internet link.

It is, therefore, imperative that you first make certain that you have actually an online internet status, i.e. your Wi-Fi is linked and also the internet connection is stable. If not, switch off your rexternal, provide it a minute or two and rebegin it with a new web browser home window to open up the Google drive video file. Make sure you have excellent signal stamina, if not, move closer to the router, and reattempt playing the video.

If the “Google drive whoops tright here was a difficulty playing this video” error persists, it indicates we have to dig deeper right into the problem and also attempt various other untypical techniques to solve the problem.

With that, let’s take a look into various other feasible factors for the error and methods to solve them.

1. Open the Video in a New Browser Window:

When you attempt to play the video and also it mirrors you the “Google drive whoops tbelow was a trouble playing this video” error, click on the 3 dots in the top-ideal edge. Select the “Open in a new window” option and also see whether this solves the concern.


2. Sign Out and Sign In aacquire to your Google Account:

If opening a new window doesn’t perform the trick, you can want to attempt signing out of your Google Drive account and also then signing in again. For this, you need to click the Google Account symbol in the top-right edge indicated by the first letter of your name and click “Sign Out”. Later on, you might authorize in again and also attempt playing the video.


3. Unblock Cookies:

If cookies are blocked on your web browser, sometimes it will proccasion the video from playing in Google Drive, thereby, reflecting you the “Google drive whoops tright here was a problem playing this video” error statement. To unblock cookies on Google Chrome, you deserve to follow these steps:

1. Click on the three dots in the peak right corner and also pick “Settings“.


2. From the options panel that now shows up on the left, click on “Privacy and security“.


3. Click on “Site Settings” under this option.


4. Scroll to “Cookies and also site data” and toggle the switch to allow sites to conserve and check out cookie data (recommended).



Once you do this, try playing your desired Google Drive video as soon as more.

4. Disable Browser Extensions:

Sometimes the extensions installed on your web browser are running in the background and slowing down your internet activity. This could be a factor why your video is not playing. You can disable these extensions temporarily to play your video by following these steps:

1. Click on the three dots symbol in the top best edge, float over “More Tools” and also click on “Extensions“.


2. In the brand-new home window are all your mounted extensions displayed. You deserve to go with each one to turn it off.


5. Sign in on Incognito Mode:

If you have disabled all your extensions and also are still dealing with this concern, you can authorize in on incognito mode to additionally restrict any type of background task happening in the web browser. This need to make Google Drive run smoother and also your video file will, hopecompletely, this time be played.

In order to authorize in making use of the incognito mode, simply click the three dots symbol on the browser’s peak best corner and click “New incognito window“.


If this as well, did not work-related out for you, tbelow are still a few various other options you have the right to attempt out and successfully remove the “Google drive whoops tright here was a problem playing this video” error message.

6. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies:

Chances are you still can require your extensions for your internet task so rather of going incognito, you can clear browser cache and cookies. By doing so, you are rerelocating some unnecessary information records instantly conserved by your internet browser to make your suffer much easier. In hindsight, this could be the specific reason for other errors to happen.

You deserve to clear web browser cache and cookies by following this method:

1. Again, we start by clicking on the three dots in the top appropriate edge and pick “Settings“.


2. Under “Privacy and also security“, click on the “Clear browsing data” option.


3. When you click on the “Time Range” dropdvery own, you will get multiple alternatives. Select “All Time“.


4. Make sure that the boxes versus the “Cookies and other site data” and the “Cached imperiods and files” choices are checked.

5. Select the “Clear Data” choice and try playing your video in Google Drive aacquire.

7. Update your Outdated Browser:

If your internet browser is not updated, improper internet browser configurations could be maintaining your video from playing effectively. From your Chrome window, click the 3 dots choice on the top-appropriate corner. Hover over “Help” and also click on “About Chrome“. If you’re not using the latest updated internet browser, it will begin updating on its own.


Once this has been done, you might try playing the video aget.

8. Try Playing the Video through a Shareable Link:

If you’re logged right into multiple Google Accounts on the very same internet browser, it makes it even more probable for you to obtain the “Google drive whoops tright here was a problem playing this video” error. You can attempt playing it in a brand-new window by utilizing the video attach.

Right-click the video file to be played, and also click “Get Link“. This will open an additional home window that displays a link to the video (which you have the right to copy) and via which you deserve to readjust the settings on who deserve to see the video file.

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Click on “Copy link” and also then paste it in a brand-new home window and check out if the issue is reresolved.