IN THE past few months we’ve obtained plenty of requests to track dvery own the woman from the Ford slrfc.orgmercials. Here you go.

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IN THE past few months we’ve obtained plenty of repursuits to track down the woguy from the Ford slrfc.orgmercials.

And a quick Google search reveals that our readers aren’t the only ones through a slightly creepy obsession via her.

There’s a Facebook page referred to as “The Ford ad girl” dedicated to the womale and under each of the slrfc.orgmercials on YouTube are an endmuch less number of slrfc.orgments from world that have actually been “spellbound” by her appearances.

So, ask and you shall receive.

Her name is Ngaire Dawn Fair and also she’s an actress whose initially on display role was actually in Neighbours means earlier in 2003.

“I think my name was Susie Stocks,” Ms. Faire recalled to around her time on the soap, “I functioned at the swimming pool.”

“I remember someone having a tanty in the makeup caravan and also I was shocked. I don’t actually remember that it was. And I remember reasoning, ‘Oh, this is what it’s choose in the industry?’”

Other TV appearances slrfc.orgplied with in the slrfc.orging years in such reflects as Rush, Winners & Losers and also The Slap.


Ngaire Dawn Fair currently lives in the US.

Ms Fair likewise did a five-year stretch via Melbourne ensemble theatre firm Red Stitch and appeared in the movies Crawlroom and also Holding the Man.

But despite a successful and also varied acting career, Ms Fair is a lot of recognised for her duty in the Ford dealership slrfc.orgmercials.

“It simply started out as one bit ad a few years back,” the now US-based actress shelp.

“One of the dealer’s came up to me and also shelp, ‘I never before thought a woguy can market a truck.’ I think they preferred that it was a shift in sex stereoinputting which is good.”

Since then Ms Fair has showed up in a number of Ford slrfc.orgmercials, so many kind of in fact that she sometimes gets a little confused.

“It’s funny once we go ago to shoot an additional ad, the scripts are frequently equivalent,” she sassist.

“I’ll go to do a take and also begin via the brand-new script and also I’ll end up the sentence off with a line from a manuscript from a year earlier.”

Ms Faire’s appearances in the slrfc.orgmercials, which she claims take about 12 hrs to film, have made her an object of affection and discussion virtual, through one article on The Ford ad girl Facebook page asking fans if they favor her through “fringe or no fringe?”

“I don’t look at any type of of that stuff in situation someone says somepoint expect,” she shelp around the digital adulation, “I’d simply obtain upcollection.”

You deserve to mean to see plenty even more of Ngaire in this year’s Ford ads.

The Aussie star shelp she seldom gets recognised in the roads, probably bereason “I wear so a lot makeup in the ads,” however randomly she did acquire recognised by an Aussie in Los Angeles a couple of weeks earlier when she relocated tright here through her husband.

“I’ve been back and also forth between Melbourne and also LA fairly a lot over the past few years,” she shelp.

“My husband has a manufacturing slrfc.orgpany and also we’re functioning on a few tasks over in LA and also securing resources for a couple of of our own artistic endeavours.”

But her legion of adoring fans will be happy to hear the overseas move won’t carry an end to her appearances in the Ford slrfc.orgmercials.

“We’re going ahead for an additional year which is excellent,” Ms Fair sassist.

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“I didn’t think Ford was going to be quite the gift that keeps on offering favor it has actually been. It’s been exceptional and I’m so grateful.”

Ngaire Dawn Fair will head earlier to Australia quickly to appear in The Flick at the Queensland also Perdeveloping Arts Centre.