The film opens at the superindustry Shopwell"s on a brand-new day as customers are rolling in. The food there live in their own human being where they greet each morning with a song around "The Great Beyond", wright here the "gods" (shoppers) take the food to their ultimate destiny.

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A load of sausperiods and also a bag of buns are placed next to each various other throughout a fourth of July weekfinish sale. Frank (Seth Rogen) is a saintake that desires to ultimately acquire all up in his bun girlfriend Brenda (Kristen Wiig). He shares the fill through his buddies Carl (Jonah Hill) and also Barry (Michael Cera). Barry is the smallest saintake and is mocked by Troy (Anders Holm) and his pals. All the sauseras and buns think they are destined to gain together in The Great Beyond. For currently, Frank and Brenda have the right to just touch tips. They then witness among the store"s employees, Darren (Paul Rudd), whom the food refer to as "the dark lord", coming roughly and also throwing out all the expired food, despite the food pleading and insisting that they are still excellent.

Later in the day, Honey Mustard (Danny McBride) gets went back to Shopwell"s. He is trembling in are afraid and also shows up traumatized, unable to soptimal around what he has actually simply viewed. As this happens, a shopper named Camille Toh (Lauren Miller-Rogen) picks up the sausages and also buns, and then Honey Mustard. While the rest of the food in the cart is celebrating being preferred, Honey Mustard stands up and also tells the food that everything they have been caused believe around the gods and The Great Beyond is a bunch of bullshit. He says that the gods are preparing them for unspeakable horrors. Refusing to go back, Honey Mustard gets all set to leap off the cart. Frank gets out of his package and runs to catch him, leading Brenda to leave her bag to conserve Frank. Before falling, Honey Mustard tells Frank to look for out Firewater (Bill Hader) to learn the answers he looks for. Another shopper then bumps his cart right into Camille"s, causing Honey Mustard to autumn and also crash. Several other products loss and also end up being damaged. Banana"s confront peels off, Jelly gets splattered, a bag of chips gets popped and his chips slice the various other food, and also a deserve to of noodles has his guts spill out.

Frank and Brenda escape the chaos, however the save is now closed and also they"re away from their packages. They run right into a douche called...Douche (Nick Kroll), who"s pissed that his nozzle is bent and also therefore he cannot fulfill his objective to have actually a woman usage him. Douche tries to come at Frank and Brenda, however Darren sweeps him up into the garbage.

Douche climbs out of the garbage bin and finds that his side is cracked, causing his juices to leak. He cries around not getting to carry out what he"s produced. Douche then spots a broken grape juice box. He goes over to it and is then influenced to seek out revenge on Frank and Brenda. Douche drinks out of the box"s crotch and also gets juiced up, ready to gain payago.

Frank and also Brenda head earlier to their aisles and accomplish the Armenian flatbread Lavash (David Krumholtz) and Jewish Sammy Bagel, Jr (Edward Norton). The two of them hate each other, as their food groups are made to believe they must. The 4 of them discover the aisles that create a city in the grocery store. Frank spots the liquor aisle and decides to seek out Firewater. They head down that aisle, and also Frank finds Firewater"s spot. He leaves Brenda through Lavash and Sammy as he goes to talk to Firewater.

Frank encounters Firewater sitting roughly a fire. Frank asks him what Honey Mustard was talking about. Firewater defines that when the food goes out the door, the gods kill their asses. Thinking Frank has heard also a lot, Firewater puts a bag over his head and prepares to have him killed, however among his friends talks him out of it. Frank then meets the Non-Perishables, which additionally incorporate Mr. Grits (Craig Robinson) and also Twink (Scott Underwood).

Brenda goes looking for Frank and also runs right into Tequila (additionally Bill Hader), who claims he knows where to find Frank. He takes Brenda, Lavash, and also Sammy to a pub in the Mexihave the right to food aisle. Teresa Del Taco (Salma Hayek) sees Brenda and also becomes smitten with her. However, she knows that the three are being brought in for a trap. Teresa hides them as Douche arrives. He smashes Tequila and drinks his fluids, getting even even more juiced up. Teresa leads the food out an enigma passageway.

Frank sits with the Non-Perishables as they smoke sativa from their pipe. Firewater admits that because they are Non-Perishable, and therefore immortal, they have actually watched the barbaric nature of the gods lengthy prior to the remainder of the food in the store, understanding full well what awaits them as soon as they are out the doors. So, they consisted of the tale of the gods being saviors so that the next wave of food would certainly leave the keep happy rather of terrified. Firewater states they additionally consisted of the song (he made the tune, Twink made the lyrics), but various other food have actually readjusted up the interpretation to their liking, which upsets Firewater. Frank decides he has to warn everyone around what awaits them. Firewater tells him to go dvery own the Dark Aisle in order to discover the proof that he demands to obtain the food to realize what is really happening.

At Camille"s home, all the food is excited to check out what they are in for. Camille picks out Potato (Greg Tiernan) initially. He is elated and thinks he is around to enter eternity...till Camille starts peeling his skin off, and then drops him into a pot of boiling water. The food then become horrified as soon as a tomato gets chopped in half, a lettuce head is split in 2, cheese is grated and also microwaved onto nachos, and also bacon is fried alive! Two little bit baby carrots attempt rolling amethod to liberty, but Camille catches them and eats them. Carl and also Barry make a run for it out the window. They prepare to jump into the bushes as soon as Camille sticks a knife through Carl and also slices him upwards. Barry avoids the exact same fate as he drops into the bushes.

Brenda, Teresa, Lavash, and Sammy walk down the earlier of the aisle. Brenda thinks all the negative stuff is happening bereason she and also Frank touched tips, and also now the gods are punishing her. Teresa admits that she has urges that she cannot offer into for fear of angering the gods. They are then attacked by the jacked-up Douche. He is around to kill Brenda till she rips off the sticker that preserved his juices from leaking. The food manperiods to escape from Douche as he gets stuck in the walls.

Barry is now out in the highways, scared out of his wits. He finds a turd via zombie corn, and then a offered condom that laments what he was used for. Barry hides and also sees a Druggie (James Franco) avoiding by through a Shopwell"s bag. The Druggie buys bath salts and also walks ameans. Barry thinks the male deserve to aid him obtain earlier to Frank to warn him. He runs after the Druggie and hangs onto his shoelace as he drives house.

Frank reunites through his friends and also tries to acquire them to follow him to the dark aisle so that he deserve to present them proof of what the gods really do with them. However before, Brenda stays firm in her beliefs and feels hurt that Frank would certainly begin badmoupoint the gods right now. She decides that she would quite go to The Great Beyond without Frank and gets filled via something else, prefer an eggplant or tube of toothpaste, to Frank"s horror. Brenda returns to her aisle and tearcompletely parts from Teresa. Meanwhile, Lavash and also Sammy discover they have a prevalent friend through Hummus, yet they remain unable to put their differences aside and also go back to their arguing teams.


Now at the Druggie"s home, Barry tries to sneak right into the Shopwell"s bag. The Druggie them shoots up the bath salts and starts tripping balls. This reasons him to have the ability to watch, hear, and soptimal to Barry, and the other food in his room. The Druggie freaks out when he sees the half-eaten and also conscious food, and the mortified Toilet Paper (Conrad Vernon). Barry then meets a Stephen Hawking-choose wad of gum called...Gum (likewise Scott Underwood), who is the a lot of intelligent being in the civilization, having been stuck under the desk of a brilliant scientist for decades. Gum numbers out how to acquire Barry ago to the closest Shopwell"s. The Druggie agrees to aid Barry get residence, but initially he passes out.

Frank goes down the Dark Aisle and also finds a huge recipe book. It includes disturbing depictions of the gods chowing down on food as it is fully conscious of being consumed. Frank then sees the web page through a sausage and also bun being consumed. He rips that web page out and sets out to tell the truth.

The Druggie wakes up, however the results of the bath salts wear off and he can not understand also the food anyeven more. He starts eating the bag of chips, and also then reaches for Barry. He goes to throw him in a boiling pot of water.

It is now morning, and the save is around to open up. Frank gets himself on video camera and speakers to talk to all the food. He tries to describe to them that the gods are going to kill them and not take them to a Great Beyond. Frank shows off the peras of the recipe book, yet the food thinks he is simply speaking blasphemy and making things up. Frank leaves, defeated, however then reunites with Barry. He brings via him the decapitated head of the Druggie. We see just how Barry regulated to miss out on the boiling water, leading the Druggie to attempt and also pick him up, only to knock over the pot and burn himself. Barry grabbed his shoelace and made him slip, leading to him to autumn and also have actually an axe from from the wall and also chop his head off, so Barry and the remainder of the Druggie"s food (plus Toilet Paper). With this revelation, Frank knows someone else has actually observed the barbarity of the gods firsthand also. But now that they understand the gods have the right to be killed, the food sets out to stop them when and for all.

Frank sees that Brenda is about to be taken away in an additional package. He races to gain her while Barry has the house foods cook the bath salts and also dip toothpicks in them, which they shoot at the shoppers and employees. They start to expedition out and also check out the sentient food. The lady through Brenda"s package freaks out and also tries to run. Frank locks the save dvery own, causing the woman to slam right into the door. She grabs Frank, but Brenda whacks her confront to the ground. The food tries to acquire the shopper"s attention, but a womale slams a pizza slice against the door. The various other shoppers start smashing the food as soon as they watch it"s alive. This proves to the food that the gods are monsters. They decide it"s time to fight earlier once and also for all!

The candy aisle shoots gumballs at an obese guy. A bottle of cola and also a tube of Mentos sacrifice themselves to go down the man"s throat and blow him up. Other shoppers and also employees acquire brutally assaulted by the food. Darren goes to obtain a gun and finds Douche speaking to him. He offers to create an alliance so they have the right to both kill Frank. Douche jumps into Darren"s pants and also sticks his nozzle up Darren"s ass to control him. They go hunting for Frank as Darren shoots the food. Frank is recorded by Douche, who takes a bite out of him. Brenda swings dvery own to save Frank while Barry and also his friends put up a garbage bin via explosives that hurdles towards Darren and also Douche. The bin snatches them up, and also the food sets them up to get released out of the store wbelow they perish in a substantial explosion.

Now that the food has won, Frank and also Brenda decide to carry out what they"ve been wanting to perform this totality time...obtain all up in each various other. Lavash and also Sammy come out through their feelings for each various other and get in on the action, along with Teresa. The entirety save them has actually one epic orgy, including the Non-Perishables, plus Barry and a smuburned bun.

After all the fun, Frank and also his friends are guided by Gum to Firewater"s lair. He tells them of an additional damaging truth - every one of them are just cartoons coming from the mind of Seth Rogen and his buddies. Gum shows them a device he"s built for them to head out right into the genuine human being and reduced the strings loose from these puppet masters. Frank and his friends host hands as they make the leap into an additional crazy brand-new world.

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The food at Shopwell"s think the gods (shoppers) are taking them to a greater calling, however they find that they are meant to be consumed.

Frank and Brenda are left behind at the keep while the rest of the food is bought by Camille Toh and also they discover their fate. Barry escapes while Carl dies. Meanwhile, Frank is sought by an angry Douche for breaking his nozzle.

Frank learns the reality around the gods from Firewater and also tries to prove to his friends that whatever they were brought about think is a lie, but this pushes away him from his friends for trying to besmirch their ideas.

The humans can watch and also hear the food under the influence of bath salts. Barry kills a Druggie and also returns to the save to warn Frank.

The Druggie"s food hits the shoppers and also employees via bath salt-laced toothpicks to gain them to watch that they are alive, however this makes them freak out and kill the excellent, leading the food to understand that Frank was right. They fight ago and also royally mess up the people, together with Douche. They celebprice through a substantial orgy.

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The wad of Gum and Firewater then tell Frank and his friends that they are simply cartoons developed by Seth Rogen. They enter a portal into the real world, presumably to kill Seth and his pals.