“Who I am” is a sentence fragment and also is part of a sentence or indirect question. “Do you recognize who I am?”

More examples of Who am I?

Who am I? Is a question when we reflect about ourselves in self-discovery. In various other words, this could be a time in your life once you uncover your purpose in life.

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We also usage this if you are asking your friends which character/team you are as soon as you are playing a game.

(playing Fifa football)

John: Who am I?

Peter: You are Barcelona and I am Real Madrid.


Who I am?

As I said before, Who I am is normally a part of a sentence or instraight question. We adjust the order of the subject and also the verb as soon as we use instraight inquiries.

Direct question: Who am I?

Instraight question: Do you understand who I am?

In this second question, the meaning is different from the initially question. In the first question, you are questioning your existence. The second question means that the speaker believes he/she is a person of prestige and also is surprised that the other perkid is not mindful of this.

More Examples:

I don’t understand who I am.

Can you tell me that I am?

Introducing yourself

If you are presenting yourself in a presentation it is better to use “Who I am”, Then you can define the person you are and it sounds even more confident than “Who am I?”.

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