Created byDon FeddersonProducer(s)Art StarkFirst episode date3 January 1956GenreGame show

The series was initially emceed by Johnny Carkid and announced by Bill Nimmo. A year into the run, Nimmo was reput by Ed McMahon, and from that point until 1992 the 2 would spfinish the majority of their careers together. Carboy and McMahon departed in 1962 once Carboy was hired to take over from Jack Paar on NBC"s Tonight (recalled The Tonight Show under Carson), wbelow they would certainly both spend the next thirty years together. Woody Woodbury took over the hosting place while Nimmo returned to announce. The show was developed at the Little Theater on 44th Street in New York (now recognized as the Helen Hayes Theater).

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Three couples completed on each show, virtually always a guy and also a womale chosen for their unique backgrounds; the announcer would certainly introduce couples one at a time, and Carchild spent more time interviewing the contestants than quizzing them.


In the quiz percent, Carkid would certainly tell the male contestant the category of the upcoming question; the male would then have to decide whether to answer the question himself or "trust" the womale to execute so.

Three inquiries were played per couple, worth $25, $50, and $75; if two or all three couples tied in the cash winnings, they were asked a question including a numerical answer; the couple coming closest to the correct answer relocated on to the bonus game.

Bonus round


From 1957 till the quiz-present scandals in 1959, the bonus round pitted the day"s winners against the winners from the previous day. One partner from each team, commonly the man, was inserted in an isolation booth and also asked a question via numerous answers. The one who got the a lot of correct answers won $500 and the best to rerotate the complying with day.

After the scandals, in which Who Do You Trust? was not connected, the bonus round associated the winning couple attempting to unscramble a name or expression in fifteen seconds.

Broadactors history

Who Do You Trust? started as a CBS prime time game titled Do You Trust Your Wife?, emceed by ventriloquist Edgar Bergen, which ran from January 3, 1956, to March 26, 1957. On the original present all the contestants were married couples favored for their unique backgrounds.

After a brief chat via Bergen, the couples would certainly try to answer four concerns. The husband also could attempt to answer or "trust" his wife to carry out so, therefore the name of the display. Correct answers to the first 3 questions were worth, respectively, $100, $200, and also $300. For the last question they could wager any of their earnings by answering a question from among six categories varying in worth and also difficulty from $100 to $600. If the couple won no money, they would certainly answer an extremely straightforward $100 question. The couple through the a lot of money competed through the winners from the previous week"s show to name as many kind of items as possible in a category via the couple coming up via the a lot of answers receiving $100 a week for a year. Couples could go back to the display until defeated; one couple, Erik and Helena Gude, continued to be on the present lengthy sufficient to amass $120,800.

In 1957, Carson"s career was in serious trouble because of the cancellation of his prime time CBS variety series The Johnny Carboy Sexactly how once he became a daytime game show organize. The series instantly introduced him into the public consciousness. When it returned as a daytime display on ABC on September 30, it kept the Do You Trust Your Wife? title till July 1958, changing its title to expand the scope of contestants beyond married couples.

One major difference in between Carson and also Marx was that Carboy regularly participated in demonstrations of the contestants" interests or hobbies. On one memorable present he tried his hand also at driving a miniature race automobile (and also craburned right into a wall), while on an additional he donned scuba equipment and also dived into a tank of water. Groucho, on the other hand also, virtually never before left his desk, letting his announcer, George Fenneman, take component in the demonstrations.

As was regularly the instance in daytime television programs of the era, consisting of soap opperiods and also children"s shows, all of the background music on Who Do You Trust? was supplied by a single organist, John Gart.

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In March 1962, Carson was asked to take over from Jack Paar on The Tonight Show, yet he still had actually 6 months continuing to be on his contract through ABC. When Carchild and also McMahon left to do The Tonight Show (after the September 7, 1962 show) they were reput by comedian Woody Woodbury and original announcer Bill Nimmo. The series continued until December 27, 1963.