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Can I imply you:Get fuckedWhile you lie around child-molesting gropesAnd parkbench flashers and pervert creepsAnd anal virginity and polaroid snapsAnd verbal abuse and also bathroom rapesI do not understand exactly how well you can:Remember your very own pointmuch less glue-sniffing adolescenceThat fumbling floppy s**In between fagsThose pathetic fistfightsAll those pathetic petty theftsAnd this and also that and this and that and also this and also thatAnd eextremely other fucking Adidas-clichd cringeCan I indicate you:PoseWhile you take an additional frantic glance at your shophome window reflectionEnsuring the stinking lie is maintainedDue to the fact that that"s the difference between youYes, that"s the difference between youYou"ll let a leering scumbag beerdrinking ratRaise your nostrils for a close-up smellOf fingerreminder nicotine and also animal fatAnd pressure an open dead mouthLap up ounces of semichem sweatSo have the right to you feel that:Would be a truly truly disgusting thing?And that"s the distinction in between meI"ll open the packageI"ll watch the showI"ll reap perfectly well-made artI"ll acquire in line behind stupidityI"ll let you lie with your teethI"ll make you feel specialI"ll not pick out the misabsorbs publicI"ll just put it down to passionAnd feigned memory lapseWhat did you want to be once you flourish up?Without a doubt not rapedThat"s the difference in between youA drunk? A drug addictA motherly protector of the young?Anvarious other bed-staining c***?A kid molestor that demands to be told?Or just a craven lust-propelled artistChannelling confusion and also fearInto a sickly limp repetitive craftYes, that"s the distinction in between youYou"ll act late and also surprisedYou say you loved s**?You"ll love being hated for the actThe filthier the abuse and also the desperate underage detailsThe fatter the paybackSo fairly than simply listenBe changed by what"s been saidNow that"s the difference in between meI"ll display you emotional truthI"ll display you the fucking sourceI"ll show you yet one more fucking liarAnd this is for the youI"ll present you that somepoint that provides you:Feel differentFeel specialI"ll offer you:ThoughtsImagesSoundsI"ll provide the you somethingEven even more amazing than the last oneAnd I"ll tell you why it"s the best one yetAnd then you deserve to look back on it allAnd say:This is the ideal thing that ever happened to meAnd see:Why you never became a dancer