What component did militarism play in increasing tensions in Europe?Militarism resulted in an arms race.Militarism led to a ban on army weapons.Militarism made human being fearful of a Muslim invasion.Militarism made civilization frightened of the spreview of condition.

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The Triple Alliance (1882) was the first alliance in Europe in the years causing World War I. Which countries were members of that alliance? Check all the apply.Great BritainFranceItalyRussiaGermanyAustria-Hungary
Which occasion had the prompt effect of resulting in Germany type of to declare war on the Allies?The Berlin Conference of 1885 sets off the "scramble for Africa."Russia mobilizes its pressures on Germany"s eastern boundaries.Great Britain declares war on Germany type of.The Austrian archduke is assassinated.
Look at the map of European partnerships in 1914.What conclusion can be attracted from the map?The Triple Alliance was the even more powerful of the partnerships.The Triple Entente was trying to create an alliance through the Balkans.The Triple Entente was certain to be beat as its members were close to each various other.The Triple Alliance would be fighting a two front war.
Which of the adhering to did Austria-Hungary seize in 1908, establishing off tensions in Europe?the border area it mutual via Italythe Ottoguy area of Bosnia and also Herzegovinathe nation of SerbiaGermany"s swarms in Africa
Which country changed sides about a year after World War I began and also joined the Allies?ItalyFranceGermanyAustria-Hungary
After the assassicountry of the Austrian archduke, which happened first?Germany got into Belgium.Great Britain invaded Germany.Russia claimed war on Serbia.Austria claimed battle on Serbia.
The biggest are afraid of the rulers of the Austria-Hungarian Realm was thatthey would certainly not be able to carve out colonies in Africa.their empire would be damaged by nationalist forces.their empire would certainly be attacked and also taken over by Germany.they would certainly not have sufficient civilization to form an army.
Which statement finest describes why tension flourished between European leaders over colonialism in Africa?Some thought the colonization of Africa was imethical and illegal.Some feared that preserving colonies in Africa would be also expensive.Some felt that others were as well much ameans from Africa to have actually nests tright here.Some were angered because other countries took over their swarms.
Which occasions sparked World War I? Check all that use.The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand angered Austria.Serbia declared war on Austria, which brought about Austria"s allies to go to war.Nationalism enhanced tensions in the Balkan peninsula.Russia"s mobilization plan called for an intrusion of France with Belgium.Alliances resulted in a chain of occasions that pulled each country into battle.

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The assassicountry of Archduke Franz Ferdinand also angered Austria.Nationalism increased tensions in the Balkan peninsula.Alliances led to a chain of events that pulled each country into battle.
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