We usage possessive pronouns to refer to a particular person/world or thing/points (the "antecedent") belonging to a person/human being (and occasionally belonging to an animal/animals or thing/things).

We use possessive pronouns depfinishing on:

number: singular (e.g: mine) or plural (e.g: ours)person: first perboy (eg: mine), 2nd person (e.g: yours) or 3rd perchild (e.g: his)gender: male (his), female (hers)

Below are the possessive pronouns, adhered to by some instance sentences. Notice that each possessive pronoun can:

be topic or objectrefer to a singular or plural antecedentnumberpersonsex (of "owner") possessive pronouns
singular1stmale/ femalemine
2ndmale/ femaleyours
plural1stmale/ femaleours
2ndmale/ femaleyours
3rdmale/ female/ neutertheirs
Look at these photos. Mine is the significant one. (topic = My picture)I favor your flowers. Do you favor mine? (object = my flowers) I looked almost everywhere for your key. I uncovered John"s key but I couldn"t find yours. (object = your key)My flowers are dying. Yours are lovely. (topic = Your flowers) All the essays were great yet his was the ideal. (topic = his essay)John found his passport however Mary couldn"t discover hers. (object = her passport) John found his apparel however Mary couldn"t uncover hers. (object = her clothes) Here is your vehicle. Ours is over tright here, where we left it. (subject = Our car) Your photos are excellent. Ours are disastrous. (topic = Our photos) Each couple"s books are colour-coded. Yours are red. (subject = Your books) I don"t favor this family"s garden however I like yours. (object = your garden) These aren"t John and also Mary"s kids. Theirs have babsence hair. (subject = Their children)John and Mary do not like your vehicle. Do you prefer theirs? (object = their car)

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Notice that the interrogative pronoun whose can likewise be a possessive pronoun (an interrogative possessive pronoun). Look at these examples:

Tbelow was $100 on the table and also Tara wondered whose it was.This auto hasn"t relocated for 2 months. Whose is it?

Mini Quiz

Test your understanding with this quick quiz.1. The just type of possessive pronoun with different words for male and female genders is the
a) singular first perboy b) singular 3rd person c) plural 2rd person2. Complete with the correct possessive pronoun: "You did good in the intersee, so congratulations Lee - the job"s ______ !"

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a) mine b) hers c) yours3. Complete via the correct possessive pronoun: "If the just fingerprints on the gun are ______ , he should be the killer."