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If you are searching for the ✅✅✅ Google Digital Garage Answers Unlock Digital 2021 of the complimentary course fundamentals of digital marketing answers 2021. Then you are in the ideal location.

4. Which of the following statements is true once marketing your company online?

You need a webwebsite to present up in search resultsYou’ll reach a similar client base to the one you have actually in the actual worldYou’ll be checked out by the very same volume of customers whether you usage search proclaiming or notSocial media is a good way to communicate your audience

Correct Answer: D

Explanation: Being a business guy you deserve to use any type of tool of your choice which is affordable to you, yet the a lot of useful and also free platdevelop is Social Media. As Social Media is the finest method to interact and also construct relation with your customer and other audience on that platcreate of exact same choice.

What Is Google Digital Garage Course?

Google Digital Garage is an virtual regimen wright here you deserve to learn about the fundamentals of digital marketing and also also aid to make your online businesses visible to more customers through fewer investments. It is a totally free regimen and likewise provides certificates at the end of the final exam.


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