The is B. Geometric area. Geometric space is boundmuch less and three-dimensional where objects and occasions have actually a family member place in the area and also direction. A line is one-dimensional. A cube is three-dimensional however is bound. A aircraft is 2 dimensional. The finest would certainly then be B. geometric room. 

write a polynomial attribute f of leastern degree that has rational coefficients, a leading coefficient of 1, and the zeros 2, -3, a

Geologists estimate the time because the most recent cooling of a mineral by counting the variety of uranium fission tracks on the

0.1377 is the forced probability.

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Step-by-action explanation:

We are offered the following information in the question:

The number of tracks in a space follow a Poiskid circulation.

Mean variety of track per area = 6 tracks per

of surconfront location.




We have to evaluate

P(x = 7)


0.1377 is the forced probcapability.

The price of a pair of shoes was reduced from $60 to $45 by what percent did the cost of Pair of Shoes decrease 25%Step-by-action explanation:25 percent of 60 would certainly be 15, then if you subtract 15 from 60, you end up through 45, interpretation that 25 percent was subtracted.

distinctive mode, the mean, and median are all equal to mu-inflection points in between mu and sigma (concave) and also convex all over else -gives us a bell-shaped curveso alternative B

KITE, TRAPEZIUM and also A Concave quadrilateral

Step-by-step explanation:

PARALLELOGRAM: A quadrilateral in which opposites sides are PARALLEL and also EQUAL.

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So, Any quadrilateral which does NOT have actually its opposite sides being parallel or equal is not a parallelogram.