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Transcribed photo text: Inquiry 1 Which aspect of a business definition addresses receiving payment? Inquiry 2 Which of the adhering to is NOT a aspect that creates competitive advantage? Concern 3 The components that add to the ease or obstacle of a new challenger joining an establimelted sector are well-known as Inquiry 4 A company's refers to the distinctive functions and benefits that set the agency acomponent from the competition Concern 5 The standard unit of the product or company offered by a company is referred to as the Concern 6 Inquiry 7 Mick Wood is considering buying a firm Which approach of valuation have to he think about if he desires to determine the minimum worth of the firm? Inquiry 8 Which of the adhering to is the benefit of developing a trademark for your product? Question 9 According to Jay Conrad Levinson's examine of the furniture market, is the main affect on buying patters Question 10 Offering a product for a lower price throughout the beforehand stages of the life cycle in order to obtain industry share is referred to as Concern 11 When a company advertises even more for less and balances quality and price, the firm is making use of a pricing strategy Concern 12 Which form of pricing strategy uses a prefigured out percentage applied to a product's expense to achieve its selling price? Inquiry 13 Which of the complying with determinants is the the majority of prominent concerning choice of place and also circulation systems? Question 14 The most basic method to determine a promotional budacquire is Inquiry 15 proclaiming is designed to create awareness interemainder, purchasing behavior and post-purchase satisfactivity for particular products and also services Question 16 which form of declaring is even more widespread for little entrepreneurial suppliers Concern 17 Another name for word-of-mouth marketing is Concern 18 Undercover or deceptive marketing initiatives that are intended to show up as if they occurred normally are referred to as Question 19 Which of the following BEST explains breakeven? Question 20 The term for undesirable Net advertisements or emais is Concern 21 describes every little thing a service does to store the customer happy Concern 22 which is the ideal means to handle customer complaints? Question 23 What is the essence of excellent customer service? Inquiry 23 What is the essence of great customer service? Concern 24 toties to company wide policies, techniques and processes that a business offers through its customers to geneprice maximum customer satisfaction and optimal proti Inquiry 25 According to TARP Worldwide's research of negative word of mouth about of consumers who hear an unfavorable word of mout sheight buying the product