The 3 main goals of Lean Manufacturing are Quality, Cost, and also Deliexceptionally.

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Increasing the top quality level of a production system means reducing the number of errors, repairs and rejects. The result is much less unimportant usage of company sources and therefore reduced total operating expenses.


The production process inherits many type of costs; start through humale sources, equipment and raw materials, all the means as much as the finimelted product. Productivity rises when a offered of sources generates more finished items at the end of the process, or, conversely, as soon as less initial sources are needed to yield the same volume of finished products.


Reducing throughtime is a goal all companies strive to accomplish: Throughtime is the time that elapses in between the company obtaining raw products and receiving payment for the finiburned assets. Reducing this time implies being able to produce even more products in the same amount of time, better rotation of resources and also the capability to react faster and also meet customer demands via flexibility.

Reduce Production Line Length

A production line that is as well lengthy implies even more employees, extra work-related in progress (WIP), longer manufacturing times and greater logistic cost.

Not only does room optimization reduce these costly factors, but it additionally enables greater production in the same room. The outcome is the possibility to make comprehensive savings on investment: less floor area and reduced general prices.

Priority to line side productivity: the adaptability of Ecoflex permits flow rack lines to be compressed with its adaptability and basic customization.


Reduce Inventory

Carrying inventory consumes room, adds considerable logistics prices and consumes substantial quantities of financial resources; assets that can be made use of in other places.

Used in conjunction with little containers and functional carts and also trolleys, Ecoflex marketplace racking put in close vicinity to the line merged through Ecoflex circulation racks give suppliers earlier the worth damaged by old stock management units via conventional palallows and expensive, unsafe forklift dealing with.


Reduce Space

Many type of typical carriers usage up much too much area and also more personnel vital.

Lean Manufacturing using the Ecoflex mechanism does ameans with unabundant conveyors, reduces production line size, incorpoprices workstations right into the primary line, eliminated unimportant stock and also reduces the expense of logistic.

These enhancements have the right to assist a agency reinsurance claim floor area for future expansion.


IPS Material Handling Inc was established in 2006 and also specializes in practice material taking care of options for Lean Manufacturing. Our Ecoflex assets, a modular pipe and also joint system, are offered to produce custom circulation racks, material managing carts, occupational stations and more.

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