The conventional deviation is a measure of dispersion. It is the activity or procedure of distributing point over a wide area.

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Dispersion: dispersion is the measure of the variation between items.

Dispersion is the state of obtaining distributed or spread. Statistical dispersion implies the level to which a numerical data is most likely to vary around an average value.In other words, dispersion helps to understand the distribution of the data.

Central tendency: A measure of central tendency is a typical value for a probability circulation.

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It is calculated for a grouped data or for a probability circulation.The many common meacertain of main tendency are intend, median and mode.



Q1. If 6 hand-works were ranked by 2 judges in a competition and the ranmonarchs are as follows:Hand Writing123456Judge1654321Judge2123456Then the value of Spearman's rank correlation coeffective is
Q2. The average of 25 numbers is 36. If the average of initially 13 numbers is 32 and also that of the last 13 numbers is 39, then the 13th number is
Q3. If(P=dfracsum^n_i=1(x_i-A)^2sum^n_i=1(x_i-ar x)^2;A ear x,) (x̅ = Arithmetic Mean) then P is:
Q5. There are 35 students in a hostel. If the variety of students boosts by 7, the costs of the hostel rises by Rs. 42 per day while the averageexpenditure per head diminishes by Re. 1. The original expenditure of the hostel is:
Q8. The number of ‘likes’ on the last four photos posted on Facebook is 3, 15, 21, and also 13. The intend absolute deviation worth around the suppose of ‘likes’ is:
Q9. Calculate the mode of the adhering to frequency distributionSeconds51-5556-6061-6566-70Frequency2784


Q5. If n1 = 10 and n2 = 5 are the sizes,( marx_1)= 7 and( marx_2)= 4 are the means andσ1 = 1 andσ2 = 1 are the standard deviations of 2 series of information. If linked mean( marx)= 6, then the variance of the merged series with size n1 + n2 is equal to:
Q7. At a round table, n persons are seated on n chairs. The probcapacity that two friends from exact same college are sitting next to each other, is:
Q8. If xi | fi, i = 1, 2… n is a frequency circulation with typical deviation 15 and also mean 30, the coreliable of variation will be amounts to to:
Q9. The product of partial regression coefficient(b_1_2_.3)(b_2_3_.1)(b_3_1_.2)equals to:
Q10. If 63 - 4x4x + 5= 8 (Given log102 = 0.301 and log103 = 0.477), then which among the adhering to is correct?