Which of the adhering to options ideal describes the function of the Sugar Act?A. The British wanted to allow the homesteaders to pay reduced taxes on sugar.B. The British wanted the nests to add even more to the expenses of defending their territory.C. The British wanted to develop even more rivals for profession through the swarms.D. The British wanted to speak homesteaders from utilizing sugar and also molasses.

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Why did homesteaders oppose the Stamp Act?Check every one of the boxes that apply.A. They said that they were being taxed without being represented.B. They wanted the stamp taxation to use to other early american products as well as stamps.C. They said that the British need to produce new taxes to rearea the Stamp Act.D. They assumed that the stamp taxes were expensive and inconvenient.
A. They sassist that they were being taxed without being represented.D. They thought that the stamp taxes were expensive and also inconvenient.
Parliament repealed the Stamp Act becauseA. colonial protests were not effective.B. Parliament realized it had actually no appropriate to tax the nests.C. early american protests were harming British profession.
Parliament"s Declaratory Act, passed after the Stamp Act"s repeal, says that ParliamentA. agreed via early american views on taxation without depiction.B. disagreed with colonial views on taxes without depiction.C. was separated over whether to repeal the Stamp Act.
What do the Stamp Act and also the Townshend Acts have in common?Check every one of the boxes that applyA. Both were rejected by colonists who assumed that the British government was imposing unfair taxes.B. Both had actually to carry out through taxing teaC. Both were repealed after hostile reactions from the homesteaders.D. Both were intended to reduced taxes in the nests.E. Both were embraced and also pincreased by the homesteaders.
A. Both were rejected by homesteaders that thought that the British federal government was imposing unfair taxes.C. Both were repealed after hostile reactions from the homesteaders.
Which of these things did the Intolerable Acts allow for or require?Check all of the boxes that apply.A. altering the government in every one of the coloniesB. offering housing for British troopsC. fining all homesteaders till the Boston Tea Party tea was phelp forD. cshedding the port of BostonE. placing a armed forces federal government in location in Massachusetts
B. offering real estate for British troopsD. closing the port of BostonE. placing a military federal government in area in Massachusetts
What did the British hope to attain with the Intolerable Acts?A. assist Massachusetts acquire assistance from other coloniesB. divide Massachusetts right into two nests to limit its powerC. enable Massachusetts to pay reduced taxes to BritainD. punish Massachusetts and reacquire control
How did the colonists react to the Intolerable Acts?A. by banding together against Britain and MassachusettsB. by sustaining Massachusetts and also producing a Continental CongressC. by supporting higher taxes and also limitations in Massachusetts
Why did the British march on Lexington and Concord?A. to capture army leaders and the world who had actually dumped the tea in BostonHarborB. to sheight the Continental Congress and discover a hidden save of weaponsC. to capture rebel leaders and also take ameans stores of ammunitionD. to help other soldiers under assault and also remove early american leaders from power
Why were the Battles of Lexington and also Concord significant?A. The early american militia was defeated and also their ammunition was destroyed.B. The British admitted defeat and withdrew entirely from Massachusetts.C. The battles noted the start of the Revolution.D. The battles showed that the colonists were unall set for battle.
Choose the best word or expression that completes each sentence.Paine opens up by saying that these are ______ .
Choose the right word or phrase that completes each sentence.The "summer soldier" and the "sunshine patriot" are finest explained as __________ .
Choose the right word or phrase that completes each sentence."These are the times that attempt men"s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the business of their country; but he that stands it currently, deserves the love and also many thanks of man and also woman."-Thomas Paine,"Dilemma No. 1"According to this passage, __________ deserve love and also thanks.
What does Paine claim the British are doing to the colonists?A. enslaving themB. abandoning themC. impoverishing them
Why are the colonists enslaved by Britain?A. They are managed in eincredibly method.B. They have actually the capacity to avoid taxes.C. They recognize that Britain can not enpressure its regulations.
Which of these points did Paine make in the passages you read?Check every one of the boxes that use.A. These are difficult times, and Britain will certainly no doubt succeed.B. Freedom comes only in heaven.C. These are challenging times, and also people need to stand firm for the cause.D. If freedom came also quickly, civilization would certainly not worth it.E. If Britain had the power, it would enslave Americans.
C. These are hard times, and people need to stand firm for the reason.D. If liberty came too quickly, people would not worth it.
Which of the following finest explains the occasions of the Boston Massacre?A. Boston townscivilization assaulted and killed five British soldiers.B. Boston soldiers attacked and killed five Boston townscivilization.C. British soldiers assaulted Boston townspeople, who shot 5 soldiers.D. Boston townspeople attacked British soldiers, who shot 5 colonists.
Which of the following ideal describes why the Stamp Act of 1765 was significant?A. It was the initially straight taxes imposed on American colonists.B. It was the initially indirect tax applied on Amerihave the right to homesteaders.C. It was the last taxation Parliament imposed before the Revolution.D. It was the last taxation Parliament enforced prior to ending all taxes.
In response to British control of Boston in 1775, colonistsA. agreed with the Intolerable Acts.B. consented to British rule.C. negotiated via the king.D. developed equipped militias.
When homesteaders boycotted British products under the Stamp Act, theyA. stole commodities that were taxed.B. refprovided to take part in buying stamps.C. offered commodities that were taxed.D. refoffered to pass new taxes legislations.
After the Boston Massacre, the swarms organizedA. the Townshend Acts to pay taxes to Britain.B. Committees of Correspondence to respond to growing disputes.C. the Boston Tea Party to celebrate the lifting of the tea taxes.D. the Intolerable Acts to repay Britain for its role in the occasions of 1770.
Which of the adhering to ideal explains the First Continental Congress of 1774?A. The First Continental Congress was a meeting in Boston to discuss how to handle an unwanted delivery of tea.B. The First Continental Congress was a meeting in Charleston to discuss the practice of smuggling products right into the colonies.C. The First Continental Congress was a meeting of twelve of the thirteen swarms dubbed in response to the Boston Massacre.D. The First Continental Congress was a meeting of twelve of the thirteen colonies dubbed in response to the Intolerable Acts.
D. The First Continental Congress was a meeting of twelve of the thirteen nests dubbed in response to the Intolerable Acts.

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What was the purpose of the Stamp Act of 1765?A. to raise revenue from American coloniesB. to determine if colonists were smugglingC. to offer Parliament the best to levy a taxD. to punish civilization that did not pay their taxes
Which of the complying with ideal explains why Parliament repealed the Stamp Act in 1766?A. Parliament agreed through the homesteaders that the act was unfair.B. Colonial legislators were threatening to impose their own taxes.C. Colonists" boycotts of British products were hurting British profession.D. The British passed the Declaratory Act, which reinserted it via a heavier tax.

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