A bank will consider a vehicle loan to a customer ________ and a customer"s checking account to be ________.

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Suppose you decide to borrow money from an online peer-to-peer lending website. On the T-account for the lfinishing site for this transaction, the funds from the investor that chooses to fund the loan would be classified as ________, and the loan made to you would be classified as ________.
In an attempt to lug lenders and also borrowers together adhering to the financial crisis of 2008, the Federal Reserve made a huge amount of brand-new funds easily accessible to financial markets. Any of these brand-new funds that are loaned out by financial institutions would certainly be classified as ________ of the banks.
In an effort to lug lenders and also borrowers together following the financial crisis of 2008, the Federal Reserve made a big amount of new funds accessible to financial sectors. The Fed expected this to rise the money supply and also the complete amount of lfinishing bereason of the multiplier impact, in which a given amount of new reserves results in a multiple rise in
According to the quantity theory of money, if the money supply grows at 6%, genuine GDP grows at 2%, and the velocity of money is constant, then the inflation price will be
Federal Reserve takes to control the money supply and also interemainder rates to pursue its macrofinancial plan goals.

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Using the money demand and money supply version, an open up industry purchase of Treasury securities by the Federal Reserve would cause the equilibrium interemainder price to
If the Fed raises the interemainder rate, this will ________ inflation and also ________ actual GDP in the brief run.
Suppose the Fed decreases the money supply. In response family members and also firms will certainly ________ short term assets and this will certainly drive ________ interemainder rates
decreases investment spfinishing on machinery, equipment, and also factories, usage spending on long lasting products, and net exports