Non-vascular plants are the many straightforward plants found on land also. The category of non-vascular plants has Bryophyta; which contains mosses, hornworts and also liverworts. They are the follower of green algae division of plants. Below are some even more attributes of non-vascular plants.

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Absence of Vascular Tissues

One of the many vital attributes of non-vascular plants is the lack of vascular tissues. Non-vascular plants carry out not have actually the vascular tconcerns known as xylem and phloem. They carry out not have actually an interior water move mechanism which is found in vascular plants. Though these non-vascular plants execute have stem-choose and also leaf-like framework, they lack true roots, stems or leaves. As they execute not have actually any vascular tproblem, they cannot retain water for long time or transfer it to various other components of the plant.


Moss deserve to be viewed on moist areas such as bogs and swamps as they absorb water from their surroundings. Like all plants, they require water to survive and also they have to absorb it straight from the neighboring air or any kind of other adjacent resource. They distribute water to various other components by using slow-moving indicates such as capillary action, diffusion and cytoplasmic streaming.



Non-vascular plants are always tiny in size. As they lack the woody tworries that are compelled to assistance a plant on land also they have the right to just reach a elevation of a few centimeters. Furthermore, they cannot transfer water and also food very much due to lack of vascular tproblems. They transfer water, organic food and also minerals from setting to the internal of gametophyte via cell to cell osmosis.

Reproduction in Nonvascular Plants

All plants have to reproduce in order to expand also their species, but non-vascular plants perform not develop flowers or seeds. Non-vascular plants deserve to recreate sexually and also asexually, though asexual remanufacturing is not a very common approach.

During asex-related reproduction, plant product gets recreated when any type of part of the plant such as leaves loss to the ground. This results in development of additional plants.

During sex-related reproduction, the archegonia, current on female gametophytes on the peak leaves of mosses, produce egg cells. The sperm cells are created by Antheridia, present on the male gametophytes. The sperm cells need water such as a dew or rain drop to reach archegonium where they fertilize the egg cells. The resulting zygote creates into a sporophyte that is inside the archegonium. With time, it takes the form of a slender stalk via a spore capsule on its reminder. In this capsule, haploid spores are produced by the procedure of meiosis. This capsule opens up up to cost-free up the spores. These spores acquire hidden in soil and produce gametophytes.

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Obtaining Energy

Like various other plants, nonvascular plants likewise get power by the process of photosynthesis. This procedure takes area in the upper parts of these plants in leaf prefer and stem choose appendages.