Their are bands and thier are successes, however one band has actually more success than almost every one of them and that band also is Queen. Roger, Brian, John,and freddie have created background for themselves and also the music of rock. So let"s watch that you are and also what you"re made of..

What do you play, that are you, who have the right to you be?Roger Taylor, Brian mayJohn Deacon and Freddie Mercuryare who you can be but that are you???This quiz will certainly tell you that, so allows view, Which member of Queen are you ????

Created by: Shelley Trodd

What is your age? Under 18 Years Old 18 to 24 Years Old 25 to 30 Years Old 31 to 40 Years Old 41 to 50 Years Old 51 to 60 Years Old Over 60 Years OldWhat is your gender? Male FemaleWhat instrument sounds prefer you??? The drums The bass guitar The Electric Guitar The piano, you like the classic sound The acoustic Guitar They all sound good to meWhen it concerns vocals, you : sing some songs solo and likewise perform ago up vocals alot You dont really sing that frequently but you will if you need to Sing in duet aswell as doing earlier up vocals You sing lead and also nopoint butWhen composing songs where carry out you write from?? You compose from the heart You compose with motivation You write from experience You write from you emothions and you write from loveIf predeveloping via Queen, what would you wear?? A comfy T-shirt and your favourite pair of jeans. T-shirt and also shorts, those stage lights are hot!!! A nice shirt, a waistcoat and also Pants, you wanna look good Lycra, Leather and also muscle shirts all the method, you wanna look hot!!!WHat would your HAir Resemble, i expect which Queen members hair would you want?? Long And blonde ( from the 80s) ash blonde and also thick Dark brvery own and also curly( forever) Black and also slickWho created the song"Radio Gaga" ? Roger did. John did Brian did Freddie did it was a shared compelatrion Radio.what???Who created the song "i want to break free" ? roger did john did Brian did Freddie did it was a shared compelation what song is that again??Who composed the Tune "HAmmer to FAll"?? Roger did John Did Brian did Freddie did it was a common compelation what song is that again??Who created the song Somebody to love?? Roger did John Did Brian did Freddie did it was a mutual compelation what song is that again??Who is the Drummer???? Roger Taylor John Deacon Brian May Freddie MercuryWho plays the Bass Roger Taylor John Deacon Brian May Freddie MercuryWho plays the Electric Guitar Roger Taylor John Deacon Brian May Freddie MercuryWho Sings? Roger Taylor John Deacon Brian May Freddie Mercury They all sing from one time to anotherWhat are the Backing tracks usually comprised of???? Bass, Drums and also Piano Bass, drums and Guitar(lead) Bass, drums and acoustic I dunnoWho had A vodka and tonic covert in their styrafoam vehicle in the music video Radio Gaga Roger did John Did Brian did Freddie didIf you are a Musician, or you want to be, who carry out you draw you inspriation from?? Roger Taylor John Deacon Brian May Freddie Mercury All of themIn the Queens Cremainder which appeals to you the most??? The lion The phoenix The crab The pixiesWhen selecting to execute a music video, just how execute you want it done?? Live feel however not height of the pops i hate that display, it takes all my individual strength not to obtain drunk while filming You just go through the circulation Themed Extravagance all the method..

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In the I want to break complimentary Music video, who"s idea was it to dress in drag??? Freddies concept I just had actually fun doing it Yeah very same It was actually Rogers ideaIn the Queen vocals, wright here would certainly you sing The highs The lows however you hardly want to sing The lows but you likewise duet with freddie Lead however you can sing at all levelsWhich various other instrument would you play?? Synthesiser Drums (sometimes) Piano Acoustic GuitarWhich Lyric sunds the many favor you?? If i can just reach you... It"s stselection yet it"s true, i cant get over the method you love me prefer you do I love you cos your"e sweet and i love you cos your"e naughty Carry on, bring on, as if nothing really mattersOkay last question, that do you hope you get?? Roger Taylor John Deacon Brian May Freddie Mercury

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Quiz topic: Which member of queen am I??

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