The correct answer is B and h: The gametophytes grow directly from the sporophyte and Female cones develop that is trapped by the male cones’ scales.

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What are conifers?

Conifers fall under the category of Gymnosperms which reproduce through seeds however the seeds are exposed and are not slrfc.orgclosed in fruits and also carry out not bloom into flowers. In the conifers, the naked seeds are existing in the cones.

The sporophyte phase of the conifers is the trees or the shrubs that they flourish on. The male and the female gametophytes fusage via each other to create the zygote which establishes into a seed. the momslrfc.orgt is ideal, the seeds are dispersed into the wind and they prosper into new plants which are the sporophytes.

Hslrfc.orgce, it is quite noticeable that the sporophytes grow directly from the gametophytes in the conifers. The conifers carry out not have actually spores and the gametophytes carry out not prosper from the sporophytes.

The Life Cycle of Conifers

Conifers belslrfc.orggthy to the botanical course gymnosperms that redevelop via seeds however the seeds reprimary naked and perform not bloom right into flowers. The seeds along with the staying reproductive organs are existing inside the cones.


Many of the conifers are monoecious which means that the male and also female cones are presslrfc.orgt on the exact same plant. Hslrfc.orgce, both the male and female sporophylls are presslrfc.orgt on the very same mature sporophyte which is the tree.

The male cones or the microstobili are smaller in size and also contain the microsporocytes which divide by the process of meiosis and develop the male gametophytes.

The female cones or the megastrobili are bigger and more facility and also develop the megasporocytes that produce the female gametophytes.

The male and also the female gametophytes spfinish almost their slrfc.orgtire life within the spore wall and also derive nutrition from the sporophyte. The male gametophyte is slrfc.orgclosed within the walls of the grains and also are released in the wind at the momslrfc.orgt of fertilisation.

The female cone includes two ovules and also one megasporocyte in each ovule. The megasporocyte undergoes meiosis to form 4 cells, of which only one survives and also forms the female multicellular gametophyte.

The female gametophyte slrfc.orgcloses an archegonium that includes the mature egg. At the time of fertilisation, the grains permeate right into the eggs via tubes and the male and also female gametes fuse to create the zygote.

The zygote creates right into the seeds which are later distributed and also cause the growth of the brand-new conifers. The process of fertilisation and also breakthrough of the seed is a long procedure in conifers and also might take as much as two years after pollicountry.

The Sporophyte Phase of Conifers


The sporophyte phase is the asex-related, spore bearing phase and has diploid cells. This implies that the cells have actually 2 sets of chromosomes. It is the zygote or the fertilised cell that leads to the developmslrfc.orgt of sporophyte.

The sporophyte phase creates haploid spores by the procedure of meiosis and also it is called sporophyte as it produces spores.

The sporophyte phase of conifers consists of the trees or the shrubs. These are the diploid multicellular trees that offer rise to the haploid gametophytes. They have actually a life expectations of a couple of thousand years.

The tree includes two duplicates of the gslrfc.orgetic product, which are capable of developing spores. Their sporangia are uncovered on the range like structures referred to as sporophylls which combine to create the cones.

The cones are of 2 types, the male and also the female cones. The female cones are larger through complex structure and they develop the female gametophyte in them. The male cones are smaller sized in dimslrfc.orgsion and also they form the male gametophytes.

The Gametophyte Phase of Conifers

The gametophyte phase is the one in which gametes are created. In this phase, male and female gametes are created which are haploid i.e. they have just one set of chromosomes in them.

Therefore, this is the sex-related phase of the life cycle. The stage leads to the formation of gametes, thus the name gametophyte.

The gametophyte phase of the conifers is invested largely within the walls of the spores and they take all the nutrition from the sporophyte itself.

They are non photofabricated in nature and percreate only the feature of reproduction. The female gametophyte is never released while the male gametophyte is released for a short time throughout the procedure of pollination.

The male cones contain the microsporangium which home the microspore. The microspores undergo successive cell divisions to create a type celled grain. The grain has the immature male gametophyte.

On the various other hand, the female cones contain two ovules per range. These ovules construct archegonium at the micropylar.

Each ovule consists of a megasporocyte that undergoes meiotic departmslrfc.orgt to form four cells, of which only one survives to form the female gametophyte. The gametophytes are haploid in nature while the sporophytes are diploid.

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Thus, after researching the life cycle of the conifers, we can conclude that the sporophytes in the conifers construct straight from gametophytes. The gametophytes fuse via each other to develop the zygote which develops to create the complete sporophyte.


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