Which In The Heights Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac? In The Heights is filled with exciting and likable personalities that fans have the right to relate to, especially when looking at the miscellaneous signs of the zodiac.

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Usnavi and Vanessa dance and also a Zodiac wheel
Summer is officially below, thanks to the simultaneous HBO Max and also theater release of In the Heights. The breakout Broadmethod musical from around a decade earlier has actually currently end up being among the premier cinematic occasions of June on the back of some catchy music, stunning visuals, and also a charismatic actors.

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The actors assisted lug the time-honored personalities of In the Heights to life in brand also brand-new ways. With stars like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Christopher Jackboy so famously associated through the functions, it was a hard job for the new actors to make it their own. Considering they"re as beloved as they ever were, it"s just herbal to break down which characters align ideal via the indicators of the Zodiac.

In The Heights Lin Manuel Miranda Piragua
While the film adaptation of In the Heights may have shed many type of of its ancillary and also perimeter characters and storylines, it did not lose Piragüero, the Piragua Guy. Piragüero wound up being the vehicle for Lin-Manuel Miranda to appear in the film.

He"s a tenacious salesmale who knows just how to authentically make an honest buck. That dynamic nature provides him a perfect Aries vessel, as an Aries knows just how to compete on the roads.

11 Taurus: Kevin

It"s also easy to tie Taursupplies to stubbornness simply because of the bull"s symbolism. For the purposes of this entry, the Taurus" patented dependcapability is the the majority of crucial.

Who"s even more trustworthy than Kevin? He"s willing to sacrifice anypoint for the good of his daughter, Nina. Whenever before Jimmy Smits sings, "Good morning, Usnavi," Taursupplies need to smile knowingly.

In The Heights Nina Breathe
Speaking of Nina, she fits perfectly into the traits of Geminis. As among the more ambitious characters in the movie, she has a clear trajectory. But Nina never allows it interfere with her kindness and also sense of obligation.

Instead, Nina"s ambition is rooted even more in curiosity. It"s that curiosity that really makes her a perfect Gemini representative, as that authorize is always seeking new adendeavors and also explorations.

9 Cancer: Abuela Claudia

Abuela Claudia in In the Heights
Abuela Claudia is depicted in In the Heights as the de facto neighborhood caretaker. She practically raises the personalities and also helps set the tone of neighborhood and also culture in their bit nook of Washington Heights.

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Considering Cancers are mainly known for their compassion and nurturing nature, Abuela Claudia is among the simplest to actors on the wheel of the Zodiac.

Benny is not as traditionally dramatic or over-the-height as Leos tfinish to be. Instead, he is even more strongly connected to the confidence side of the Leo sign.

Benny knows exactly who he is, what he desires, and what he"s about. This level of confidence is why he pairs so well through the Leo authorize, as Leos are among the most self-assured civilization in the Zodiac.

7 Virgo: Usnavi

Essentially the major protagonist of In the Heights, Usnavi is a George Bailey-esque number. He"s a man through a dream who knows as soon as to put it aside to assist the civilization in his life attain their very own purposes.

Anthony Ramos brings out the gentle side of Usnavi, however also emphasizes how loyal he is at eincredibly turn. With the idea that Virgos are the most staunchly committed in the twelve indications of the Zodiac in mind, Usnavi is a clear character for the August-to-September period.

Daniela helps inspire among the truest party numbers in the movie bereason she hates seeing just how downtrodden and also lethargic the area has become, even if only for a moment.

The love of socicapacity is what renders Daniela the perfect Libra rep. She likes to hear chatter and noise and laughter. In a movie filled via social personalities, Daniela stands out as the right Libran option.

5 Scorpio: Sonny

Sonny"s arc in In the Heights is not quite a coming-of-age trajectory, however the story does watch him go on a journey from timidity to courage, as he takes a hazard for his very own health.

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That courage, coupled with his resourcefulness and understanding of what he desires in life, makes Sonny a great selection for Scorpio. After all, Scorpios strive for versatile resides, also.

Carla does not receive an exorbitantly large amount of display screen time in In the Heights, yet whenever she appears, she pops. It"s clear that her always-on-the-go personality is marked by extrovariation and self-assurance.

The authorize of Sagittarius is one that is identified by outgoing and humorous traits. From what is watched of Carla on display, she undoubtedly fits that criteria.

3 Capricorn: Graffiti Pete

An important character for In the Heights, Graffiti Pete ends up establishing a gorgeous denouement in motion. And it"s all because of his individual tenacity to follow his creative drive.

Not to cite, Graffiti Pete additionally endears himself to his community, even if he"s not the most traditionally celebrated friend. His unyielding endeavors and independent nature match up via Capricorns brilliantly, as the goat symbolizes individuality.

Cuca, seldom viewed without Daniela and Carla, still maneras to carve out a singular story for herself in the film. In so doing, she shows off her own sense of imagination and also nature as a true original.

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It simply so happens that originality is the key item of being an Aquarius. Aquarioffers are recognized for a personality that never before comguarantees on itself and while many characters possess that in In the Heights, Cuca is well-pertained to for it.

1 Pisces: Vanessa

Tright here is pure, stunning artisattempt within the character of Vanessa. When she cares around someone, she cares all the means because her personality is awash with feelings and empathy.

That affectionate nature, paired with Vanessa"s artistic brilliance, renders her the only alternative for the Pisces sign. Those that feel the many will certainly always have the ability to relate to how Vanessa"s heart decorates her paint-stained sleeves.

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