We’re being asked to identify thecompound through the highest possible boiling pointamong the provided selections.

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Respeak to that there are a number of kinds ofintermolecular forces (IMF):

1.Ion-dipole interaction– occurs in between an ion and a polar covalent compound; strongest IMF

2.Hydrogen bonding– occurs in compounds where hydrogen is directly linked to an electronegative facet such as N, O, or F; second strongest IMF

3.Dipole-dipole interaction– occurs between two polar covalent compounds; 3rd strongest IMF

4.Dispersion forces– occurs in all compounds and is the major IMF exhibited by nonpolar compounds; weakest IMF

Compounds withsolid intermolecular pressures have high boiling points. This is because they requireeven more energyto be able to break the bonds throughout the phase transition.

So, we need to identify which among the provided compounds has thestrongest intermolecular forces.

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Which has actually the higher boiling suggest, HF or HCl? Why?

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