Increasing peasant poverty and also unremainder, tyrannical nobles, weak queens, and also the government’s faiattract to defend the state against foreign intruders caused the fevery one of the Han dynasty.

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Which element contributed to the fevery one of the Han Empire the fevery one of the Roguy Realm and the fall of the Gupta empire?

Explanation: The fall of the empire and therefore the dynasty were similar as an outcome of each toughened social unrest throughout their collapse. The fall of Rome and Han dynasty China were additionally similar as an outcome of they each round-challenged roving invasions that substantially added to their decline.

How were the collapse of the Roman Empire and also the Han Dynasty different?

The Roman empire’s autumn was various from the fevery one of the Han dynasty bereason, unprefer in Han China, the western half of Rome had a much harder and even more drastic autumn than the eastern percent of Rome, also well-known as the Byzantine empire.

What were some of the the majority of necessary determinants that added to the decrease of the Romale Han and also Gupta empires?

The empire came to be too huge and also the cost of protecting its boundaries led to economic troubles. 17. Epidemics and also plagues resulted in a loss in population which resulted in a loss in the arsenal of taxes 18. The government’s incapacity to pay for the repair or roadways and also canals brought about peasant revolts.

What caused the increase and fall of the Roguy Empire?

Invasions by Barbaric tribes The many straightforward theory for Western Rome’s collapse pins the fall on a string of military losses sustained versus outside forces. Rome had tangled with Germanic tribes for centuries, but by the 300s “barbarian” teams prefer the Goths had encroached past the Empire’s boundaries.

How did the Chinese people decline?

The Decline and fevery one of the Mediterranean and Chinese people was a result of population decrease, weak federal government, a frail economy, and also intrusion. A combination of these reasons sparked the sluggish decline of these once excellent realms. Collecting taxes came to be harder therefore reasons the economy to decrease.

What weakened the Greek empire?

Constant battle separated the Greek city-says right into shifting alliances; it was additionally exceptionally costly to all the citizens. At some point the Empire came to be a dictatorship and also the world were less associated in government. There was boosting anxiety and conflict between the ruling aristocracy and the poorer classes.

What pressures led to interaction and readjust that resulted in the collapse of timeless empires?

Trade deficit. The high expense of army, welfare and also government. Class financial warfare between rich and also negative. Unequal taxes.

Why did Christianity lead to the fall of Rome?

When Christianity came to be the state religious beliefs, the Church reduced the state resources by acquiring large pieces of land and keeping the revenue for itself. The culture had actually to assistance miscellaneous members of the Church hierarchy like monks, nuns, and also hermits. Therefore, probably bring about the fall of the Roguy Empire.

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How did Romans respond to Christianity?

Christians were periodically persecuted—formally punished—for their beliefs in the time of the initially 2 centuries CE. But the Roguy state’s main position was primarily to neglect Christians unless they clearly tested imperial authority.