Francis works in the human resources division of a big oil and gas agency in Texas. Francis" work incorporate maintaining payroll and also vacation records, employment backgrounds, and also advantage information along with ensuring the security of all sensitive employee indevelopment. Which MIS facilities is a lot of necessary to Francis?

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What question listed below would certainly a firm must answer when initially establishing a backup and also recoextremely plan?
What types of storage mechanism will certainly fulfill the demands of the company? How often does the agency have to backup its information?What kinds of recoexceptionally units does the agency framework need?(ALL)
Supports the deployment of entire devices including hardware, networking, and also applications using pay-per-use revenue model
Hardware is the physical gadgets connected through a computer device, wbelow software application is the instructions the hardware executes to carry out tasks
What enables computers to run multiple operating units and multiple software applications at the same time and creates multiple "virtual" devices all on a solitary computing device?
Failago occurs as soon as the primary machine recovers and resumes operations, taking over from the additional server.
Jessica started her own virtual firm, which specializes in selling items for bachelorette parties, wedding parties, and also baby showers. Due to the reality that she only operates digital, her MIS infrastructure needs to be fast, efficient, and also accurate ensuring the finest feasible endure for her customers. Which of the below is a critical component in Jessica"s MIS infrastructure?
Grid computing, cloud computer, and also virtualization are all facets of a ________ MIS framework.
John functions for Internal Computer Specialists, which focuses on helping tiny organization owners solve MIS facilities concerns. John"s tasks encompass cleaning and replacing motherboards, cables, and interior components such as DVDs and also tough drives. What does John"s role at Internal Computer Specialists focus on fixing?
Back-up is a precise copy of a system"s indevelopment, wbelow recoexceptionally is the capacity to get a mechanism up and also running in the occasion of a mechanism crash or failure
With grid computer a problem is broken into pieces and spread to many devices, permitting _________ handling than could occur via a single mechanism.

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