Recontact that thestcapacity of an isotoperelies on theproportion of neutrons to proloads (N/Z). This suggests for steady isotopes with:

Z ≤ 20; theN/Z ratio need to be equal to 1.0

20 ; theN/Z ratio should be equal to 1.25

40 ; theN/Z ratio should be equal to 1.50

Z ; thesteady nuclide does not exist

The N/Z values for secure isotopes create thevalley or band of stability:


This means for isotopes:

abovethe valley of stability: thereas well many neutronsin the isotope

Mode of decay: Eitherbeta decay (0–1β)or neutron emission (10n; not in the choices)

belowthe valley of stability: theretoo many kind of protonsin the isotope

Setting of decay: Eitherpositron emission (01e)orelectron capture (0–1e)

•via atomic mass ≥ 200 amu: theretoo many kind of proloads and neutronsin the isotope

Mode of decay:alpha degeneration (42α)

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Which answer choice ideal defines why atoms of carbon-14 (C-14) are unstable?

A. Atoms of C-14 have also many type of negatively charged electrons and too few positively charged prolots.

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B. Atoms of C-14 have as well many type of positively charged prolots and too few negatively charged electrons.

C. The attractive force that the prolots in the nuclei of C-14 atoms geneprice is not strong enough to overcome the repulsive force that the neutrons generate.

D. The attractive force that the neutrons in the nuclei of C-14 atoms geneprice is not strong enough to get over the repulsive pressure that the prolots generate.

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