Over the years, Kelly Ripa has actually gone through rather a couple of changes when it concerns her Live co-hosts. Though she initially began her career alongside the legendary Regis Philbin, that passed amethod in July 2020 at the age of 88, she"s been the a lot of regular component of hit morning talk present after it underwent many type of ups and downs. Who deserve to forgain the infamed drama that took location on Live after organize Michael Strahan blindsided Ripa with his exit in 2016? At the moment, Ripa — who was noticeably absent from the present for nearly a week after his announcement — "needed a couple of days to gather my thoughts" and "acquire some perspective (as per The Hollyhardwood Reporter) prior to coming ago and also congratulating her frifinish and also fellow co-hold on the new chance at Good Morning America

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On May 1, 2017, it was announced that Ryan Seacrest would certainly sign up with Ripa as her brand-new permanent co-host, doing well Strahan. Since then, the 2 have actually been inseparable, giving fans the dynamic duo organize vibes Live has become known for. But in December 2020, the American Idol organize was absent from the present — leading many to wonder what the heck is going on. Keep scrolling to uncover out who reinserted him and once fans deserve to mean Seacremainder to come back.

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Ryan Seacremainder missed his fourth directly Live With Kelly and also Ryan episode during the week of Dec. 14, 2020. He had formerly missed two various other episodes of the morning talk present, with Bravo"s Andy Cohen filling in for him. But for the Dec. 16 and also Dec. 17 episodes, Anderkid Cooper took over as Kelly Ripa"s new co-hold. In two behind-the-scenes videos mutual the official Live Instagram, Cooper can be checked out heading out onto the stage through Ripa. In one clip, someone from the crew states, "You males look good together," before Ripa introduces the journalist and also CNN anchor to the backphase coffee crew as "Anderson Cooper; national treacertain, Amerideserve to hero." Then, in the second, Ripa jokingly reiterates, "This guy is a nationwide icon. Do you understand?"

It"s clear the longtime Live hold is a fan of Cooper as the 2 share a two-decade-long friendship. In 2014, she told Vanity Fair, "I"m in love through him. I"ve had actually a 20-year unrequited love affair through him." She included that husband Mark Consuelos isn"t jealous, though, as "he understands that Anderchild does not share my enthusiasm." Fans were equally happy to check out Anderboy take over as co-hold on the Live phase. One perkid wrote in the comments, "Anderchild Cooper is a gift to morning organize chat. He requirements a chair at the host desk!!" and one more added: "I love when Anderson co-hosts! It"s been a while!"

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There"s been most speculation concerning Ryan Seacrest"s lack from Live With Kelly and also Ryan, yet it appears there"s a perfectly good explacountry regarding why he"s gone MIA for the week of Dec. 14, 2020. According to his current social media activity, he seemingly took some time off from the morning talk display through Kelly Ripa to film episodes of American Idol. He common two photos through Instagram — one that mirrors him posing on a roofoptimal through the Amerihave the right to Idol logo on it and another of him sitting on a directors-style chair external a trailer as he scrolls through his phone. "Working hard or hardly working?" Seacremainder captioned among the shots.

It"s hardly unwidespread for the hosts of Live With Kelly and also Ryan to take time off. In early December 2020, Ripa was missing from the present and reinserted by Tamron Hall so she might reunite and also spent top quality time via husband also Mark Consuelos, who"s been away filming Riverdale in Vancouver, Canada. In October 2020, Seacremainder was required to take a couple of days off from the present as he awaited COVID-19 outcomes. "We have actually every one of these brand-new restrictions now, so this is one. We need to wait till he comes back negative before he deserve to acquire in below. It"s public health. We take it seriously," Ripa told the audience at the time.

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For years, tright here has actually been rumors that Ryan Seacrest wanted to quit Live With Kelly and also Ryan, with the National Enquirer (per Gossip Cop) reporting in 2018 that he was "on the verge of quitting" because he was "fed up" via Ripa"s "domineering diva-tude." However before, the Amerideserve to Idol organize has actually made no indication that he plans to leave — via his rep also informing Gossip Cop that the rumors of him quitting were "untrue." Ripa, for her component, has not addressed the gossip. 

Thankcompletely, it looks choose fans do not must problem around one more Live shake-up. According to the main Live With Kelly and Ryan webwebsite, Ryan Seacrest will be ago on collection Friday, Dec. 18, 2020 to welcome guests Goldie Hawn and also Kurt Rusmarket, and also take component in Live"s "Holiday Sweater Show" and practically host the daytime talk show"s yearly "Sweater Pageant." His return will certainly likely be met through love and applausage, as he and also Ripa have actually come to be one of daytime TV"s favorite talk present co-hosts.