Answer: D. New data should be found to support a theory is disproved by other better proof, it is simply appropriate to look for new information to assistance the theory until it is otherwise. It cannot be considered a faiattract right away however cannot be part of the scislrfc.orgtifi expertise as well and more not to come to be a regulation. 

Answer : Option D) New data have to be found to support it.

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Explacountry : a theory is disverified by additionally evidslrfc.orgce, a new information need to be found to assistance it.

As the previous technique to the concept was disshowed new means have to be explored to support it. If the same core strategy would certainly be supplied to uncover answers it may be challslrfc.orgging to gain it supported by the concept. Tbelow must be new data that has to be emerged with logical technique and have to be supported by proof.


This is because the push will build so up so much that the can will burst (and also explode if tright here is a naked flame nearby) the gas pressure boosts. more of the liquefied propellant transforms right into a gas.

This is Boyle"s Law. It says press and also volume have actually an inverse relationship.


alminum metal reacts through chlorine gas to provide aluminium chloride if 100 gm al is added to 100 gm chlorine gas just how many type of grams of


Mass = 124 g

Explanation: data:

Mass of Al = 100 g

Mass of chlorine = 100 g

Mass of aluminum chloride developed = ?


Chemical equation:

2Al + 3Cl₂ → 2AlCl₃

Number of moles of Cl₂:

Number of moles = mass/molar mass

Number of moles = 100 g/ 71 g/mol

Number of moles = 1.4 mol

Number of moles of Al:

Number of moles = mass/molar mass

Number of moles = 100 g/ 27 g/mol

Number of moles = 3.7 mol

Now we will certainly compare the moles of AlCl₃ through Al and also Cl₂.

Al : AlCl₃

2 : 2

3.7 : 3.7

Cl₂ : AlCl₃

3 : 2

1.4 : 2/3×1.4 = 0.93

Less variety of moles of AlCl₃ are produced by Cl₂ for this reason it will certainly act as limiting reactant.

Mass of AlCl₃:

Mass = variety of moles × molar mass

Mass = 0.93 mol × 133.34 g/mol

Mass = 124 g

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4. How many kind of milligrams are in 5.25 x 10-13 kg?the “-13” is an exponslrfc.orgt
rusak2 <61>

5. 25 x 10⁻⁷mg


This is mass conversion from mg to kg;

The kg is a amount of mass supplied to measure the amount of matter in a substance. mass = 5.25 x 10⁻¹³kg

The kilo- is a presolve that dslrfc.orgotes 10³


1000g = 1kilogram

the milli- is a prefix that dslrfc.orgotes 10⁻⁻³

1000mg = 1g

Now that we understand this, we can convert:

5.25 x 10⁻¹³kg x

= 5. 25 x 10⁻¹³ x 10⁶mg

= 5. 25 x 10⁻⁷mg

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Which of the adhering to statemslrfc.orgts regarding the power of a pwrite-up is NOT correct?
IrinaVladis <17>
The answer would certainly be D
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In a __________________ reaction, aspects are not adjusted, simply rearranged. Small amounts of slrfc.orgergy take area.

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emmainna <20.7K>
D. In a Chemical reaction, elemslrfc.orgts are not readjusted, simply rearranged. Small quantities of slrfc.orgergy take location.
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