Cutie marks present your destiny, your true self. Each pony has one, and you do not desire to be a empty flank! Not everyone is satisfied through their cutie, and it isn"t always correct, however is fun!

I hope you gain this impressive, spectacular, distinct, stupendous, motivating, great, and well, you acquire the concept. XD I hope you prefer your cute mark! See ya following time!

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What project would certainly you choose to have? Princess/Ruler Baker Aviator Vet Painter Farmer Teacher Namong the aboveWhat would certainly you perform in your spare time? Saving Equestria (again) Study COOKIE! Be via friends Fly Read Daring Do Do some apple bucking Namong the aboveWhich pony is the coolest to you? Twilight Sparkle Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Pinkie Pie Applejack Rarity Celestia LunaWho is your favorite villain? Chrysalis Sombra Discord Flim/Flam Nightmare MoonWho is better? Celestia Luna BothGoodbye! Why is this question also here? BYEEEEE!Ok, just kidding. What pet do you prefer? Owl Gator Dog Cat Pony (XD) Anything! Bunny TurtleHi.

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HEEEEELLO! Hey there! Howdy! Hello. How nice to check out you! Um, hi.Do you prefer this quiz? Yup! Nope. Yes! Cupcake. Not really... Kind of.

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Blue or hue? What does that mean? HUE! Blue! Both!

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