Cleaning up the beach in 2015 through student from the Sea Change Youth Summit with 5 Gyres and also Bahamas Plastic Movement - Photograph by Kizzy O’Neal

Happy World Environment Day! The 2021 event brings attention to the importance of healthy ecosystems, and also shares an urgent call for restoration... to grow...

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Jack surfing his residence break - Photograph by Bobby Owens

Celebprice World Ocean Day on June 8! Take activity or uncover events such as waterburned cleanups, art tasks, photo contests, and also ocean education and learning. Explore avenues for youth engagement such as the 24 hour Youth-a-thon June 5-6, and the World...


In case you missed it check out Jack and Paula Fuga perdeveloping “If Ever” on Good Morning America! The performance and short intersee have the right to be discovered here.

And If you dig Paula’s music as a lot as we execute you deserve to hear her brand-new song, “Hōkūleʻa Star of Gladness’’, the brand-new single from...


Greening actions on tour consisting of water refill stations, beach cleanups, tree planting, running busses on bio diesel and also functioning with neighborhood non-revenues all aid to mitigate the carbon footprint of Jack’s tour!

Jack is excited to be an artist partner of REVERBʻs Music Climate Rdevelopment, a...

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Picture by K. Johnson

It’s tough to believe that the document that began it all is now twenty years old now. Brushfire Fairytales was released on February 1, 2001, which was the exact same day Jack played his first display opening for Ben Harper on tour! Here’s a pic of a nervous and young Jack prior to...


“Cultivation up some of my favorite books were from the Men Against The Sea Trilogy. With exactly how divided our nation felt leading as much as the election, the stories from this series retained popping into my mind. Big decisions on which way to sail in the middle of a storm as people disagree.” Jack Johnson