As I understand also it, the scholarship has so much not compellingly answered a far-ranging question of the message of *Romeo and also Juliet*; namely, why the Capulets and also the Montagues are at battle. I am encouraged based on my understanding of Shakespeare"s poetics that an unmistakably correct answer is gave in the text, however cleverly and also discreetly.Please provide the closest hypotheses of which you are aware - your very own or scholars" - to that "unmistakably correct answer."

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The beginning prologue just mentions that the feud in between the Capulets and the Montagues stemmed from a grudge in between the two family members.

In the opening of Act 1, we check out that also the existence of a Capulet or a Montague deserve to instantaneously begin a fight bereason of the hatred they felt for each other.

The brand-new mutiny comes from the secret love affair in between Romeo and Juliet. The irony is that in Act 1, the leaders of Verona tried to convince Lord Capulet and also Lord Montague to finish their feud bereason it continued to cause disruption by disturbing the tranquility in Verona.

My interpretation of why I think the feud began is that it is not specifically created, but it might have been a disagreement or a war between the households bereason Shakespeare mentions "civil blood." this in turn started a generational feud that ended with the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.

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Shakespeare"s plays start in the middle of points (as all good stories do). We, as the audience, are entering a story that"s already in the midst of its narration. In the Prologue, we learn that "from primitive grudge break to new mutiny" (line 3). The feud is old yet the fighting has recently broken out aobtain. We do not know why. The Prologue additionally sets up the reality that these are 2 households that are very equivalent. They both reside in Verona. They are well-off and establiburned households -- "both aprefer in dignity" even. For all helpful functions, they should be allies quite than enemies.

The following hint that we get comes from the Prince in Act 1 Scene 1. The Prince, after breaking up the fight in Act 1 Scene 1, states: "And hear the sentence of your moved prince./Three civil brawls, bred of an airy word." Very freshly, three different public fights have damaged out amongst the Capuallows and also Montagues. The feud between the 2 family members has actually end up being public and also violent sufficient for the Prince to worry around the safety and security of his people and his city.

I would argue that"s component of the tragedy: We don"t recognize why they are fighting, hence we can not totally understand also what would be at the incredibly root of why Romeo and Juliet can"t be together. Shakespeare sets the play in the warmth of Verona, Italy. The days are long and also hot, hence mirroring the moods of the citizens. They are physically hot and they are warm via anger -- little bit points have the right to set them off. More than anypoint, Shakespeare is showing a harsh light on humanity: Humans host grudges. We hold prejudices and also hate in our hearts that periodically can not even be described by ourselves. The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is that it doesn"t need to finish in tragedy, however it does.