Feeling elated, furious, disheartened, or smug? Don"t sit idle with your feelings. Let Clash Royale help you express yourself through emotes. 

Nothing is worse than when your fireball launches into enemy territory and completely misses everything. It doesn’t hit any units, any defensive buildings, or any of the towers. Was it a slip of the finger or just bad timing? It doesn"t matter because it just crashes into the empty green grass. To make matters worse, your opponent starts spamming you with aggressively mocking emotes. It is imperative to make sure you can defend yourself against such vulgar expressions (even if you rightfully deserve the assault).

Why spend gems with Emotes: 

Engage in the secondary battle of trash talk (trash emoting?) during matches. You can express yourself in more unique and personal ways. Assert your dominance. Occasionally send a sincere “nice job” emote to calm your conscience. 

3. Gold


Goblins are many things, but being a miser isn"t one of them. 

If human history has taught us anything it is that money is power. Take power into your own hands and purchase gold with your gems. This is better than purchasing chests in the store because there is no guarantee that the chests will have anything of value (to you) inside. With gold you have the freedom to spend as you choose.

Why spend gems with Gold:

Autonomy and freedom. Buy specific cards.Upgrade your cards (maybe even max them out). The only way you can upgrade your cards is by using gold; this makes this option particularly appealing.

 2. Tournaments 


Take up your sword and engage in a battle for riches and honor. 

Engage comrades and enemies alike with the Clash Royale Tournament feature. Once you are level 8, you can join these (un)friendly field days. Certain caps can be created and applied to your cards and King Tower depending on the mode of the tourney and who is running it. This helps even the playing field and adds to the fun of the games.

Why spend gems with Tournaments:

Compete against foes from across the world. Alternatively, settle that budding feud with another member of your clan (you know the one). Win cards and gold!

1. Challenges


Test your flexibility and durability during Clash Royale Challenges. 

This is by far the best way to spend your gems. Everything else is just child’s play, but this is where your long-term Clashing strategy comes in. If you are looking to up your game, you have come to the right place. Challenges are so superior because of their effectiveness in terms of gem payoff. 

Why spend gems with Challenges:

There is an automatic and guaranteed payoff when entering a challenge.

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They set aside a chest for you the moment you enter the challenge. Even if you lose every round, you still receive a prize. Every win you get increases the bounty for that chest. The chest contains gold and cards (both vital to increasing the power of your deck). Play until you lose three games or win all twelve, giving you plenty of time to practice and enjoy the gameplay. Challenges provide a fun way to change up your gameplay and gain experience playing with different cards and styles. 

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