Tbelow has been a big surge of brand-new players roaming about the Destiny universe lately. We’re not simply talking around low level Guardians that can have actually various other high level personalities, either. We’re talking about players via Grimoire scores that are so low they need to be brand brand-new to the game. It provides sense, with everyone in the Destiny loop believing that The Taken King will certainly be the best content that game has actually viewed so far, tbelow are bound to even more gamers joining the fight with each passing day.

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The question that many kind of of those brand-new players have actually, is what need to they execute once they hit level 20? They’ve worked their means with the story goals (non DLC), and now they are left wondering wright here to go from below. They aren’t a high sufficient level to perform the Nightautumn, or even the Weekly Heroic for that matter. They absolutely can’t action into the Prikid of Elders, and Raids need a six-perkid Fireteam and also Guardians in at least the level 25 selection.

We’ve made this trip a number of times ourselves, so this day we wanted to organize our thoughts on how you deserve to discover new and also amazing points to take part in, all the while getting those light levels that will certainly unlock even even more content.

Assess Your Light Level


From level 1 to level 20 you are only worried around XP. This is earned through bounties, in the Crucible, and by completing story objectives. When you hit level 20 your rank is no much longer tied to this XP device, however is instead boosted by a mechanic called Light.

Each piece of armor that you are wearing deserve to host a minimum and also maximum amount of Light. Typically as soon as you initially get the armor, the Light will certainly be at its minimum. As you gain XP (it’s currently tied to upgrading your tools and also armor) you will certainly unlock upgrades for that armor, and those upqualities will certainly rise your Light. When you calculate the complete amount of Light you have between each of your four armor pieces that will tell you the rank of your Guardian.

We’re not going to go through every one of the Light levels here, but you can visit our Light level guide to see where you stand, and also how much you require to rank up.

Increase Your Light Level


As we’ve discussed, enhancing your rank past level 20 is all about the Light that your armor deserve to hold. Rare armor (blue) can’t organize as much as Legendary (purple), so your goal must be to acquire your hands on as a lot Legendary armor as possible. This have the right to take place with random drops, but it can also occur by ranking up your Vanguard reputation and earning Vanguard Marks. This will certainly allow you to purchase much better armor from either the Hunter, Titan or Warlock Vanguard, depending upon what type of character you are utilizing.

The most basic means to boost your Vanguard reputation is by visiting the Bounty Tracker at the Tower each day, picking up the bounties and also completing them. Some will certainly be hard, however others will be as easy as beating a story mission, or killing 20 adversaries without them dealing damage to you. After you go on a Patrol on among the four planets and also knock a couple of of these bounties off, you have the right to return them to the Bounty Tracker at the Tower. When you turn them in you will check out your Vanguard reputation rise.

The other thing you must be doing is participating in the Strike playlists that you deserve to discover as soon as you are in Orlittle bit. There are fairly a couple of of them, so just choose the highest possible one you deserve to possibly obtain right into. This has a tendency to be a maximum of three levels greater than what you are presently at. For instance, if you are a level 25 Guardian, you can obtain right into the Vanguard Dragon Strike playlist (level 28), and also each Strike that you finish will certainly offer you six Vanguard Marks (and a shot at Legendary and Exotic gear). The goal right here is to earn a total of 75 so that you can visit your Hunter, Titan or Warlock Vanguard and also buy a brand-new piece of Legendary (purple) armor.

Once you have actually a complete collection of purple armor on (or three pieces of Legendary and also one Exotic), you then have to uncover armor that has actually a maximum Light level of 42. Either that or you need to upgrade your existing Legendary armor to 42 pieces of Light each. You can check out more about that in the attach over regarding your Light level, as explaining it here would certainly be skipping ahead rather a couple of actions.

Visit the Prikid of Elders

You can head to the Reef the moment you reach level 20, but the activities tright here are intended for those that are of a higher rank. Generally you’ll want to be at least level 28 to be competitive in those modes. If you have actually managed to grind your way to that level by doing bounties and participating in Strikes, your next objective will certainly be to complete the House of Wolves story goals. We won’t go right into details right here, however you can read our complete walkthrough on the Housage of Wolves at your leicertain.

When you have completed the Housage of Wolves story goals you have the right to then enter the Prichild of Elders, and also the lowest level activity is 28. Sure, you deserve to gain in tright here at level 25, but it will certainly be exceptionally tough if you don’t have actually 2 higher level Guardians to carry you. The factors you want to carry out this after you hit 28 and also have actually completed the House of Wolves story objectives are important.

First of all, once the Housage of Wolves story arc is done, you will acquire a Treasure Key for your troubles. This crucial will unlock a chest after you are done the level 28 Prison of Elders, and that chest will certainly offer you an Exotic. If you don’t currently have one, it is a simple way to get your first. It won’t drop an Exotic eextremely time you run the Prison of Elders, simply your first time in the activity on each of your three characters. As for why you want to be level 28, that’s simply about ensuring that you can be competitive in the mode.

The Daily, Weekly and also Nightfall


As shortly as you hit level 28 or 29 there is a totality batch of brand-new activities that you have the right to take component in. The first is the Daily Heroic Mission. This will certainly simply be a story mission that is a much greater level than you saw the initially time you completed it, and also it may also have actually some modifiers. The crucial here is that it gives you some XP to rank up your weapons and also armor, and also you get an Engram for you troubles. This Engram could contain an object (purple armor) that helps you increase your rank better.

The second task is the Weekly Heroic Strike, which typically isn’t that negative. The reason for this is that automatic matchmaking is turned on, so also if you don’t have friends that play you will certainly gain teamed up with other random Guardians. If you have the right to do this mission on the hardest challenge, go for it. This will certainly earn you nine Strange Coins, the money that Xur accepts for his Exotics when he shows up at the Tower each Friday morning. Buying things from Xur is an excellent means to bump your rank up, and obtain your hands on some pretty awesome weapons.

The Nightfall is a completely different beastern. Some weeks it’s very hard for virtually anyone, and also other weeks it’s sensibly straightforward. The factor you want to complete this activity is bereason of the rewards. You’ll obtain 500 Vanguard reputation for finishing it, plus you acquire a crack at some really excellent, including an Exotic. You deserve to also earn the Gjallarhorn right here, which is conveniently the most sought after weapon in Destiny.

A Real Life Guardian

Once you can finish the everyday and also weekly activities, you’re pretty a lot on your method to being the worst nightmare of any kind of Fallen Captain in the galaxy. If you want to keep proceeding you’ll have to keep functioning with the Prikid of Elders, although you’ll be doing the level 32, 34 and also 35. You’ll also desire to take part in the Vault of Glass and Crota’s End Raids, each of which will drop certain weapons that you can’t discover anywhere else.

Truth be told, tright here is most content that you have to work via. Far as well a lot for us to information in simply one write-up (that’s why you need to visit our Destiny game hub). If you’ve come this far, but, you most likely have to spend some time over on the Destiny Reddit. Tright here are most ever-transforming, behind the scenes mechanics that you’ll have to store up with, and also you’ll uncover no shortage of players that are eager to aid you out.

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That ideal there pretty a lot brings this complete circle. Once you are hanging out roughly or above level 30 you are bound to bump into players who are level 1 and also 2, and with Grimoire scores that indicate they are in fact brand-new to the game. As with someone mentioned that Gold Chest for you, be certain to take a minute to slay that Knight that is a wet paper bag to a level 34, however a brick wall to someone brand-new. Pay it forward. Teach someone a cheese spot, or help a random kill one of the wolves. We all need to occupational together, because when Oryx reflects up, all bets are off.