"In Paris they ssuggest stared as soon as I spoke to them in French; I never did succeed in making those idiots understand also their language. " - Mark Twain

I"ve used this expression a couple of times recently in lieu of other alternative words and also am acquiring annoyed via it. I don"t even understand what it suggests. So, I determined to look up the phrase and view what it"s origins and also definitions were and exactly how it became...“What the Hey” - Originally “What the Hay” - (check out all the way with...exceptionally interesting)Traced ago to the Celtic farmers before Christ was born, “what the hey” was initially understand as “what the Hay”. Hay was a vital crop to the Celtic farmers and also was pertained to as among their many precious sources. It served many offers from feeding their livestock to even being supplied as ingredients in their prepared food for themselves, to being provided as thatch mixture for their homes. Celtic farmers would certainly even go so far regarding booby-trap their land and residences to protect this priceless commodity. Disputes over hay were even shelp to be among the causes of the initially invasions of Rome, by the Celts around 400BC. Celtic farmers and warriors would frequently barter and trade using hay rather of other materials, favor weaponry, rocks or jewels. This became widespread exercise in their lifestyle and depending upon just how rainy of a seakid they had actually, the hay would certainly be various lengths due to expansion. The much longer the hay shoots, the more practical the pieces were. The Celtic males would often ask each other about the size of their hay shoots to determine exactly how much would be traded on any kind of provided day. After the initial invasion of Rome, the Celtic and Romale cultures started to intermingle and their langueras. Due to certain obstacles of speech, the initial questioning of the size of someone"s hay became shorter so that the Roguy population might be affiliated in conversation. The Romans provided many Celtic farmers and also previous warriors as hired aid in their lands and were extremely accommodating to the Celtic lifestyle. In order to placate a lot of what was being spoken, the Roman"s learned to ask about the size of hay. They would certainly ask, “VVHAUT LEINGT HEI”, which came throughout to the Celts as simply “what"s the hay”. After several centuries, hay ended up being much less of a commodity and also whey ended up being the widespread grain kind. Farmers from numerous cultures would still ask “what the hey” just now, they described whey. This became such common practice in the mid 1sixth & 17th centuries, that civilization would certainly ssuggest stop and also say “hey” to the barley merchants as they passed by to understand exactly how much their whey stock was worth. Eventually the word “hey” ended up being to be provided as a personable greeting in simply passing one one more by on the street and also is still provided this particular day.Wow...crazy, huh? Yes, I made eextremely little of that up. ;) hahahahaha Not negative for a 15 minute break, eh?
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And, just how did I end up married to the biggest bs"er of all time? ;)

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It"s predictable now--I skipped the totality write-up and read the last line!Shamemuch less plug: this site

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you know, you could simply go for my kid"s alternative Spongebob curses:"Holy Fishpaste""barnacle head""ah tartar sauce""fire on the poopdeck!"and there"s one around Davey Jone"s Locker I can not think of ideal currently :)Anymeans, quite creative for a quicky...hahahaha. You ALMOST had actually me going.

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Poor souls choose me who google "what the hey or what the hay" obtain your page.So.Next up:How the Angles, the Saxons, and the Jutes wiped out (finish genocide) the English-speaking Celts.

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I need to admit that I am skeptical that this is also true. So many kind of stories prefer this are not.The reason I doubt it is an extremely tiny one, yet still.......... whey is not a grain. http://dictionary.recommendation.com/browse/wheyThat simply makes me suspect the entirety thing.